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Smart education facilitates automation and digitalization


From left can be seen Sara Öhrvall, Mårten Blix, Annika Winsth, Melanie Arntz and Lars Persson. Photo: Karl Gabor.

What can we learn from the research on automation and digitalization? This question was answered at a seminar organized by IFN on Monday. Keynote speaker was Professor Melanie Arntz, ZEW in Mannheim and Heidelberg University. She has studied the effects of automation on labor markets in the OECD. Arntz explained that the discussion is often too doom-laden. From IFN Professor Lars Persson and Ph.D. Mårten Blix presented their research in the field. In a panel, chaired by digitization expert Sara Öhrvall, Annika Winsth, chief economist Nordea, also participated.


Summary of presentations by Melanie Arntz, Lars Persson and Mårten Blix during the first part of the seminar. Read the article.

Melanie Arntz.jpgPhoto: Karl Gabor

Melanie Arntz's presentation


Lars Persson.jpgPhoto: Karl Gabor

Lars Perssons' presentation


Mårten Blix.jpgPhoto: Karl Gabor

Mårten Blix's presentation


Öhrvall och Winsth.jpgPhoto: Karl Gabor

From left: Sara Öhrvall, Mårten Blix and Annika Winsth.


Publik.jpgPhoto: Karl Gabor

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