Headlines 2016

IFN researchers at SvD Financial Forum


From left; Lars Calmfors, Andreas Bergh and Mårten Blix.

Three IFN researchers participated in SvD Financial Forum in Stockholm, November 30. Lars Calmfors introduced a section on Migration and economic growth. He explained that a survey of AER shows that employers would hire for low-level jobs if the pay were substantially lower than the current minimum wage – maybe SEK 14–15000. Following the presentation by Calmfors Andreas Bergh, IFN, and Lund University, debated integration of immigration with Tino Sanandaji, Stockholm School of Economics. Bergh said that Sweden could certainly cope with a large immigration if the wage distribution is allowed to increase. In a separate section Mårten Blix, IFN, spoke on the impact of digitization in the labor market. He argued that digitization challenges the Swedish welfare model and he fears an increase in job polarization.

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