Headlines 2017

"Fix it before it goes broke"


On the podium, seen from left Per Skedinger, IFN, Lars Calmfors, IFN, and Ann-Sofie Kolm, Stockholm University.

The industrial sector must take the economy in its entirety into account when negotiating wages, said Lars Calmfors, IFN. Calmfors is the chairman of the Swedish Labour Policy Council (AER). At a seminar he presented the AER 2017 annual report. He called for a discussion about the industrial sector’s normative agreement in regards to wages. In addition Calmfors explained that the reform proposals put forward by AER are designed to be effective not immediately but in the long run. All according to the motto "fix it before it goes broke". In the annaual report AER states that foreign-borns have difficulty getting jobs in the Swedish labor market. And, they often have part-time and temporary employment. Thought, this is not necessarily negative, said Per Skedinger, IFN and member of the AER. These jobs can serve as a stepping stone into the labor market.

Read the report (in Swedish)

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