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Popular research about the looks of politicians


Photo: Mostphotos and Pixabay.com.

The article "The right look," by Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl (IFN) and Panu Poutvaara, was during the last 90 days the most downloaded text of all published by the Journal of Public Economics. The researche shows that conservative politicians are better looking and that this might create an overall advantage for conservative parties. "We are both happy for and surprised by the great interest in our research on the role of beauty in politics – in particular, we find that beauty can be found to characterize and benefit politicians on the right," said Niclas Berggren.

The Atlantic and the Washington Post are two of the numerous papaers and magazines that have written about the research. "That many have downloaded our study is especially uplifting, since it implies a serious interest in the details of the study" explained Niclas Berggren.

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