Headlines 2017

Andreas Bergh part of commission on future collective bargaining model


Andreas Bergh, IFN, is part of a newly appointed commission on the Swedish future collective bargaining model. It is Ledarna (Union representing managers) that has appointed the inquiry. The goal is a more modern, more well-oiled model than today's contractual structure, including a controversy between the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise about the industrial sector’s normative agreement in regards to wages. "In addition Ledarna argue that globalization, digitalization and individualization contribute to the need for an improved dialogue in the labor market," the daily paper Dagens Nyheter noted.

The inquiry will be chaired by Laura Hartman (economics professor). Further members are Jonas Milton (former CEO of Almega, the government's delegation on validation), Maria Wetterstrand (former spokesperson for the Environmental Party; Miljöpartiet), Andreas Bergh (IFN and Lund University) and Allan Larsson (formerly Finance Minister).

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