Headlines 2017

Prediction for the future: Freedom of choice will increase


Lovisa Persson, researcher at IFN, and Axel Darvik CEO of Tredie.

On Friday Lovisa Persson, IFN, participated in a seminar in which Vårdföretagarna launched a booklet, Privat Vårdfakta 2017. She proposed that in the future individual's freedom of choice will increase within the respective welfare sector. For example, you will have a choice between meeting the doctor in person or remotely using new technology. What about the general cap on profits in the tax-financed service sector that has been proposed by Illmar Reepalu, the moderator asked. Lovisa Persson explained that, in particular, small businesses would suffer severely if Reepalu’s proposal was implemented.

"But smaller companies have more goodwill than large companies in the public debate. And this goodwill can protect small businesses against legislation that affects them comparatively hard,” Lovisa Persson explained.

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