Headlines 2017

New books show the breadth of Economics


In the latest newsletter from IFN  two new books are presented: Kunskapssynen och pedagogiken – varför skolan slutade leverera och hur det kan åtgärdas (The notion of knowledge and education – Why the Swedish school ceased to deliver and how it can be restored; Dialogos) by Inger Enkvist, Magnus Henrekson (IFN), Martin Ingvar and Ingrid Wållgren. In the book, the authors reason about the fact that today's educational theories undermine knowledge. The second book is an anthology: Nationalekonomins frågor  (The issues of economics; Studentlitteratur) by, among others, IFN researchers Magnus Henrekson, Henrik Jordahl, Mikael Stenkula, Karin Edmark, Mikael Elinder, Johanna Möllerström, Maria Persson and Johanna Rickne. This is a new type of textbook designed to show the width of Economics.

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