Headlines 2017

Researcher for a summer


I have worked in corporate before but I like this better, said Rachael Ahn about working as a research assistant at IFN during the summer. ”The work here has been challenging but not stressful. In corporate it is the other way around”. Joel Gunnarsson agreed. He applied for the summer job at IFN as a way of finding out what it is like to be a researcher. And what is his conclusion? “I will possibly be a researcher”, he said.

Both Joel and Rachael have one more year of studying before they can take home a master’s degree in economics. Rachael at Stockholm School of Economics and Joel at Stockholm University. Why economics? “It is a broad subject and you can always find something that interests you” said Joel, explaining that he likes the mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as the fact that “economics is concrete”. Rachael explained that she started out liking math but that the subject “seemed un-applicable”: “Economics is very useful in everyday-life. I learn about what is going on in the economy and how to solve problems”.

Did anything surprise you about the work at IFN?

“I have learned that the research process from idea to published paper takes more time than I would have thought”, Rachael explained. Joel added that the process is “more complicated and more work” than he was aware of. Both said several times during the interview that the atmosphere at IFN I calm and friendly, which they appreciate.

What would they like to work with in the future?

“In academia as a researcher” said Joel Gunnarsson.

“As an economist at Google in Silicon Valley” said Rachael Ahn.

Text: Elisabeth Precht

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