Headlines 2017

Women in investment management visited IFN


On Thursday, KvinnoKapital, a network of women working with asset management, visited IFN and listened to presentations by two IFN researchers. Björn Hinnerich talked about the study "Gender Quotas in the Board Room and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Credible Threat in Sweden". The researchers have concluded that the threat of gender quotas in boards of larger Swedish corporations gave effect. The number of women has increased in the boards and also corporate profits. Joacim Tåg presented an ongoing study of why so few women become CEOs in large Swedish firms. It turns out to be difficult for women, but not for men, to combine family and a senior career. The study is published in the coming weeks.

2017-08-31 KvinnoKapital3.jpg

Joacim Tåg (in cooperation with Matti Keloharju and Samuli Knüpfer) is studying why women rarely become CEOs in larger Swedish firms.


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Björn Hinnerich, along with Joakim Jansson, finds no negative effects on corporate results when more women are elected board members.

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