Headlines 2017

Lars Calmfors in debate with Ylva Johansson


From left to right: Martin Ådahl, Ylva Johansson, Lars Calmfors, Anders Forslund and Mikael Sjöberg.

On Friday Lars Calmfors, IFN and Chairman of the Swedish Labour Policy Council (AER), took part in a seminar together with Ylva Johansson (S), Minister for Employment and Integration, Mikael Sjöberg, Director General, Arbetsförmedlingen (Employment Services), Anders Forslund, Professor IFAU, and Martin Ådahl, Chief Economist, Center Party. Calmfors opened the seminar with a review of the current conditions. He explained, among other things, that Australia has a fully privatized employment agency, "which seems to have contributed to the downturn of unemployment". But, Calmfors added that there is no single reform that solves the problem of unemployment.

Lars Calmfors, a scientific advisor to the think tank Fores, explained that "employment support has proved to be the only effective way of getting people, including foreigners, into the workforce.”

Ylva Johansson presented the government's proposal to simplify and combine all the different forms of employment grants. She said that, serving as the Minister for Employment and Integration, she has become aware that "it is harder than I thought to simplify" the governamental support to the labor market.

The think tank Fores organized the seminar.

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