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University education is not always to the benefit of society


Magnus Henrekson, IFN, was one of the commentators of the new book Högskola i otakt (University misaligned), authored by Johan Eklund and Lars Pettersson, Entreprenörskapsforum. The authors show how Sweden is increasingly educated, but its labor market is declining. This does not promote economic development. The panel discussed how important students’ choice of study and applications to university are. It is essential that students choose an education that is in demand on the labor market. "If Scania is not in Sweden in 20 years, it's not due to the tax system, but the poor educational system," said Magnus Henrekson.


2017-09-13 E-forum M Henrekson.jpgMagnus Henrekson, IFN, and Pernilla Norlin, Entreprenörskapsforum, presenting to a crowded room.

Read more about the book (In Swedish)

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