Headlines 2018

  • Fostering breakthrough entrepreneurship


    At the end of last year an articles by Per Hjertstrand, Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson, IFN, et al was published at Vox, CEPR's policy portal. The researchers have looked into the fact that most developed economies provide significant subsidies to small businesses. The reason being to encourage innovation. In the Vox-article the researchers argue that while subsidies to reduce entry…

  • Calmfors appointed to Norwegian labor market committee


    Lars Calmfors, IFN, has been appointed by the Norwegian Government to to be part of an expert group to study the labor market. The chairman of the group is Professor Steinar Holden. "Compared with other Nordic countries, Norway has had a rather poor development in terms of employment rates," explains Lars Calmfors. Employment has fallen in recent years, especially among men and youth,…

  • Researchers: Lower tax on income and raise taxes on capital


    Daniel Waldenström, IFN, chairman of the SNS Economic Policy Council, presented the 2018 Council Report at a seminar January 19. Co-authors have been Åsa Hansson, Associate Professor, Lund University.and Spencer Bastani, Associate Professor, Linnæus University. The Researchers suggest that the tax on income should be lowered but that the tax on capital should be higher. “Our…

  • Appreciated critique of a limit on profit in the welfare sector


    A guest column in Svenska Dagbladet by Henrik Jordahl has received considerable attention, including an unusually large amount of readers’comments. Most of them writing that they appreciate his critique of the government’s suggestion to introduce a limit on profit in the welfare sector. Henrik Jordahl explains that he wrote the article being “upset with the government that for…

  • Basic income – a particularly expensive story


    Andreas Bergh and Mårten Blix, IFN are two of the authors to the anthology Money for Nothing – Essays on Basic Income (Timbro, 2018) “The welfare state […] is based on the theory that if you can work and support yourself you should do so,” writes Bergh. Mårten Blix, has calculated the cost of introducing a basic income/salary. “If all of Sweden’s…

  • Looking for research assistants!


    IFN is seeking two research assistants for two months in the summer of 2018. To a large extent the daily work will entail the day-to-day work of a researcher. The chores varies: compiling literature, compiling data for data bases, or working with STATA, i.e coding for proper analysis of given data. Preferably you should have completed your master in Economics or be at the very end of the master…

  • New web site for the Global Award


    Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research has a new updated website. The award is unique in its kind with its price sum of a 100 000 euro and a global focus. The award is given by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN). Vinnova is co-financier and the price sum comes from Stockholms Köpmansklubb.

  • Who loves union agreements?


    Union membership is going down due to changed behavior among workers rather than structural changes on the labor market, explains the Swedish Labour Policy Council (AER) in a new report. "The rate of unionization has sunk with 16 percent", said Lars Calmfors, IFN and chair of AER. The council points to Germany as a warning example. In Germany the unionization has fallen with almost 30…

  • Academic papers read by many

    2018 -02-16

    Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl, IFN and Panu Poutvaara are the authors of the study “The right look: Conservative politicians look better and voters reward it” that was recently published in the peer reviewed research magazine Journal of Public Economics. The article is the most downloaded article the last 90 days. It is also the article that has had the largest penetration in social…

  • New stores benefit consumers in large municipalities


    Even if service companies grow rapidly and dominate modern economies, there is barely any knowledge of their productivity. In an article in Ekonomisk Debatt Matilda Orth, IFN, and Florin Maican, affiliated to IFN, present new methods for analyzing productivity in service companies where investment in new technology is key. They have investigated the extent to which supermarket establishments and…

  • Alexander Ljungqvist is leaving New York for Stockholm School of Economics


    Professor Alexander Ljungqvist, affiliated to IFN, has been appointed to the Stefan Persson Family Chair in Entrepreneurial Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. Ljungqvist has previously in cooperation with several IFN researchers been studying among other things the importance of the stock market for the industry. He most recently held the Ira Rennert Chair in Finance and…

  • The view of knowledge has been distorted


    The national curriculum for Swedish schools is an expression of “postmodern constructivist understanding of what knowledge is". This undermines genuine knowledge, explained Magnus Henrekson, IFN, in Swedish Public Radio (Studio ett). Children of immigrant parents had done better in the traditional school, he believes. Henrekson is interviewed and explains that immigrant families who are…

  • Awarded for research on social networks and entrepreneurship


    The 2018 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research goes to Professor Olav Sorenson, Professor Yale School of Management. Sorenson is awarded for showing how entrepreneurial activity and innovation are strongly embedded in socially and spatially bounded relationships. The Global Award is the foremost international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of € 100,000.

  • Is wealth and poverty self-reinforcing spirals?


    Two researchers affiliated to IFN, Erik Lindqvist, Stockholm School of Economics, and David Cesarini, New York University, have been awarded funding from Ragnar Söderbergs Stiftelse for the research project "Förmögenhetsbildning över livscykeln och mellan generationer" (wealth formation over the lifecycle and generations), together with Robert Östling, Stockholm…

  • Engaged panel and audience discussed the future of the EU


    On Friday the EEAG-report 2018 in general and in particular a chapter titled “It’s ok to be different: Policy coordination and economic convergence” was presented at a seminar in Stockholm by Professor Clemens Fuest, CESifo, Munich. This was followed by a discussion about the future of the EU. Katarina Areskough Mascarenhas, Head of the European Commission Representation in…

  • New pod about the best with auctions


    Pär Holmberg’s research focuses on auctions and he has shown how a minor change in market trading rules could save taxpayers billions of dollars. In this podd he talks about the electricity market in general and auctions of electric power in particular. Pär Holmberg is Associate Professor in Economics and has a Ph.D. in Electric Power Engineering.

  • New Ph.D. with a new job at the OECD in Paris


    IFN researcher Louise Johannesson has received her Ph.D. in economics from Örebro University, with the dissertation Settling Disputes at the World Trade Organization. The thesis deals with issues related to dispute resolution within the World Trade Organization.  Louise Johannesson started out as a research assistant at IFN and was affiliated to the institute during her time as a…

  • Too fast internationalization might result in fewer jobs


    On Monday, Magnus Henrekson and Louise Johannesson presented the study Born Globals – Facts and Wishful Thinking (Karl-Adam Bonniers Stiftelse), which they wrote in cooperation with Shon Ferguson. All three are researchers at IFN. They explain that the government is now implementing financial support programs specifically aimed at born globals. But, the researchers write, a rapid…

  • Do businesses in the welfare sector need to be better regulated?


    Henrik Jordahl, IFN, and Karin Edmark, Stockholm University and affiliated to IFN, are two of the authors the report "Istället för vinstförbud – bättre reglering av välfärdsföretag" (Fores) (Instead of a Ban on Profits – Better Regulation of Welfare Companies". Henrik Jordahl has studied whether companies in the welfare sector are…

  • Happy Easter!


    We wish all visitors to this web site Happy Easter!

  • Life satisfaction among European immigrats


    Niclas Berggren, Andreas Bergh, Christian Bjørnskov and Shiori Tanaka have employed data from 29,000 immigrants in the European Social Survey and found evidence that the persistence of life satisfaction from the country of origin is strong for migrants from developed countries and close to zero for migrants from formerly communist countries. They also find that persistence for…

  • Round table discussed education


    On Wednesday Magnus Henrekson participated on a round table discussion  and presented the conclusions in the book of Kunskapssynen och pedagogiken (Knowledge and Educational Studies) (Dialogos), of which he is editor and co-author. A presentation was also made by Ralph Townsend, former Rector of Winchester College – Britain's oldest boarding school – and Staffan…

  • IFN-researchers lecturing students


    Timbro, a think tank with the mission "to build opinion in favor of market economy" has for the first time during three weekends organized an education in economics. The participants have learned about practical economic policy and economics research "relevant to the economic policy debate". Five of the lecturers were IFN researchers. Henrik Jordahl was first out and lectured…

  • Healthcare for newborns has long-term effects


    On Wednesday SNS, Centre for Business and Policy Studies, presented a report written by Therese Nilsson, IFN and Lund University, and Martin Karlsson, University of Duiburg-Essen. The researchers have studied the introduction of free infant care in Sweden in the 1930s. Their research shows that prenatal and infant care reduced the risk of infant death by 24 percent. It was especially children…

  • Great interest in research on employment protection legislation


    On Thursday, IFN arranged a well-attended seminar on research on the seniority rules in the employment protection legaislation (Las). Per Skedinger and Martin Olsson, IFN presented a report and an article has also been published in the same subject in Economic Debate. They found, among other things, that the so-called two-round increase increases staff turnover, acts as a growth barrier, increases…

  • Awarded for findings about the importance of networks


    On Monday, Olav Sorenson, Professor at Yale School of Management, received the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2018. The prize was presented by Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research. Sorenson was awarded the prize for increasing the understanding of the notion that entrepreneurial activity and innovation are strongly embedded in socially and spatially…

  • A school with "tough love"


    The International English School was founded by Barbara Bergström 25 years ago. On Tuesday, this was celebrated with the release of the book Tough Love. International English School - the first 25 years by Hans and Barbara Bergström. The book tells the story of how IES has grown into a company with 36 schools, 26,000 students and a turnover of 2.5 billion. The book was commented by…

  • Engaged debate about the quality of home care – and how to measure


    A knowledgeable panel and a dedicated audience participated on Thursday in a seminar organized by IFN on the topic of home care of elderly. With the help of new digitally collected data, IFN researchers have compared the quality and productivity of home care. It varies a lot between different units, explained Henrik Jordahl, IFN. The researchers have also studied LOV (a standardized model of…

  • To cluster or not to cluster, that is the question


    Olav Sorenson, winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2018, grew up in a small town in South Dakota and set out wanting to be a consultant. Today he is professor at Yale School of Management and has in his research shown how important social networks are to entrepreneurship. In this podcast he reveals what he would ask for if he was granted a wish that would be fulfilled during…

  • How to multiply the number of European entrepreneurs


    Seven steps suggest researchers in the interdisciplinary project Financial and Institutional Reforms for the Entrepreneurial Society (Fires), which includes IFN, in order for more to dare to become entrepreneurs and thereby boost growth in Europe. The researchers in Fires presented on Thursday, for the European Commission, its research findings and a toolbox for politicians who want to promote…

  • Seven steps for a more entrepreneurial Europe


    Seven steps suggest researchers in the interdisciplinary project Fires, which includes IFN, in order for more to dare to take the step of becoming entrepreneurs and thereby boost growth in Europe. Which seven steps? The answer is in this video:

  • Greatly praised report on globalisation


    The report Globalisering och svensk arbetsmarknad (Globalization and Swedish Labor Market, SNS 2018), written by Fredrik Heyman, IFN, and Fredrik Sjöholm, Lund University, affiliated to IFN, was presented on June 6, at a seminar organized by SNS (Centre for Business and Policy Studies). The accolades were many from those who commented on the report. "I have picked up the positive keynote…

  • Makeover needed for ownership taxes!


    June 7, Magnus Henrekson, IFN, participated in a panel discussing the Swedish ownership taxes. "Eleven years ago it was chaos – the system was distorted by the way people acted to avoid wealth tax. We would have the same result today if this tax would be reintroduced," said Henrekson. The German researcher Florian Neumeier, Ifo, initially presented a study demonstrating that in…

  • International conference about entrepreneurship


    June 14-15, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) hosted an international conference on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: past, present and future”. The attending researchers came from Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany, UK and Canada. The topics included discussions on how entrepreneurial and innovative activity are determined by institutional settings…

  • A fortunate "four-leaf clover"


    Three of IFN's research assistants have been admitted to doctoral studies at Swedish universities starting in the fall of 2018. One of the assistants will continue his career as an analyst and consultant at Copenhagen Economics. All four of them say that the time at IFN has provided a good insight into the work of a researcher and what it takes to succeed.

  • Government vs. private providers in the labor market


    Lars Calmfors, IFN, is one of the editors of the anthology "Framtidens arbetsförmedling" (Future Employment Service) (Fores 2018). The publication was presented on Monday with Calmfors as moderator. A message in the book is that politicians should refrain from chasing "the big clip," that is, a radical reform that is carried out in a single shot. Instead, one should study…

  • IFN-faculty in the public debate – in Almedalen


    For the first time, IFN is organizer of a seminar in Almedalen: "Den svenska kunskapssynen – beror utbildningsproblemen på hur kunskap värderas?"(The Swedish perspective of knowledge: Is the problems in the education system an effect of how knowledge is valued?) will be held .Monday July 2, at 10.00-11.00. The seminar is organized in cooperation with the Swedish…

  • Almedalen – a week of politics, research and much more ...


    Researchers from IFN were invited by external organizations to be part of numerous panels and presentations during “Almedalen”. This is an eight day event in Visby on the Baltic island of Gotland. This annual event take place at the beginning of July when politicians, opinion leaders, media, corporations and interested Swedes come together and have the opportunity to attend over…

  • Research quoted in the Economist


    Economist writes about the welfare state of tomorrow, today and int he future and finds that the criticisms are growing, both right and left: "On the right, critics accuse it of sucking the dynamism from capitalism and individuals alike." The left, as seen in the grainy nostalgia [...] lays claim to the welfare state as a left-wing creation, and thinks it is under unceasing threat."…

  • New platform for cooperation in Corporate Economics


    The study of corporations is fragmented across various branches of economics and management science (such as industrial organization, accounting, and entrepreneurship), each of which approaches the study of corporations from a different perspective. The lack of an organized way of interacting and learning from each other is perceived as an obstacle for the development of these research…

  • "Now I have a good understanding of a researcher’s job"


    Data processing is a major and central part of a researcher's everyday life, which Helena Hernnäs and Viking Waldén have learned during the summer of 2018 when they worked as research assistants at IFN. Both are happy with their time at IFN. They say that the atmosphere is open and welcoming and that they have gained good insights into what it means to be a researcher.

  • Establishing "corporate economics"


    In the process of founding Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics, NICE, Alexander Ljungqvist and Lars Persson have coined the term “corporate economics.” When opening the conference August 17, Ljungqvist explained that “each of us here studies the corporation within the context of our various economic specialties. Our aim at this conference is to establish common ground that…

  • Great interest for the effects of digitalization


    Mårten Blix was on Wednesday invited to a lunch meeting organized by the Swedish Society of Financial Analysts (SFF) to talk about digitalization and the economy. Interest was great for the subject. The topic of his presentation was primarily about how digitalization affects the labor market. He spoke about the job polarization that is happening, that is, that middle-level jobs are…

  • Grading: Women disadvantaged at university and men at earlier age


    Anonymously corrected exams result in higher grades for women than for men. This is the result of a study by researchers Björn Tyrefors, IFN, and Joakim Jansson, Stockholm University and IFN. The research also shows that the overall effect of an anonymization reform can only be partly explained by male teachers being a majority among university teachers.

  • Nordic researchers launched broad cooperation


    August 17-18 IFN hosted the inaugural conference of the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics (NICE). NICE will organize a series of conferences to bring together leading scholars located in the Nordic countries or with Nordic. Uniting the researchers is their interest in understanding the corporation, whether this may be from the perspective of accounting, corporate finance, trade economics,…

  • Lottery winners live a happier life!


    Justin Wolfers, professor of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan, writes a column in the New York Times about research by David Cesarini, New York University and affiliated to IFN, Erik Lindqvist, Stockholm School of Economics and affiliated to IFN, and Robert Östling, Stockholm University. They show that lottery winners live a happier life, contrary to what many…

  • Andreas Bergh, one of the researchers behind a new Sharing Economy Index


    Timbro has for the first time presented The Sharing Economy Index (TSEI), a report on the size of the global sharing economy. The index has been developed by a group of researchers, including Andreas Bergh, IFN and Lund University. The researchers have analyzed how much Internet traffic companies with share-based services have. The researchers have also counted the number of activities by…

  • Blog post: How the Market Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling


    In a new study Fredrik Heyman, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson, IFN, investigates how product market competition and gender-specific management career hurdles affect the gender wage gap for managers.  The paper is presented in a blog post at University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The findings suggest that increased product market competition may not only boost the wages of…

  • Erik Prawitz winner of prestigious prize


    The Alexander Gerschenkron Prize 2018 is awarded to Erik Prawitz, IFN, for the best dissertation in the economic history of an area outside of the United States or Canada. The prize is awarded by the Economic History Association and was announced during the weekend. The title of Prawitz's thesis was On the Move: Essays on the Economic and Political Development of Sweden, including Swedish mass…

  • ‘Post-Truth’ and the Decline of Swedish Education


    Magnus Henrekson and Johan Wennström, IFN, write today in the popular science network Quillette that the root cause of the problems in Swedish school "is the curriculum that rejects subject knowledge, gives students excessive responsibility and weakens the role of teacher." When the knowledge vision was combined with market reforms, incentives were created to compete with nothing…

  • Alumni network for doctoral students and research assistants


    An alumni network for doctoral students affiliated with IFN and research assistants at the institute recently held a first event. Richard Öhrvall, IFN, who is pursuing a doctorate in political science at Linköping University, presented the results from the recent election and participants discussed possibilities and risks with the even electoral outcome. On election day, Richard…

  • "We need to cut down on selective programs"


    Roger Svensson, IFN, participated on Friday in a panel discussing Anders Gustafsson's dissertation "Industrial Policy: Political Considerations, Payoffs, and Peculiar Incentives." The seminar was organized by Ratio. "We have to pull down on selective programs," said Roger Svensson. He advocated a bottom-up-perspective, that is, today's financial support is replaced with…

  • Discussion of early stage research


    Academic seminars are held at IFN every Wednesday, where researchers from IFN and other institutes and universities present their current work. So-called brown bag seminars are also organized. Here, research is presented at an earlier stage. Brown bag seminars are more informal meetings held at lunchtime. Participants usually bring their own lunch, often in a brown paper bag (in the US), and hence…

  • Digitalized healthcare


    Most people want more care and who is to say that this is wrong without explaining why today's level is the valid one, writes Mårten Blix, IFN, and Johanna Jeansson, Dagens Industri, in a blog on the Forum for Health Policy. In this perspective, digital care can be appreciated as a positive innovation: "To the extent that patients choose digital care via a video call instead of…

  • Assar Lindbeck medal awarded to researcher at Lund University


    During the annual conference of the Swedish Economics Association (Nationalekonomiska föreningen), which this year was organized by the Business School at Linnaeus University in Växjö, the Assar Lindbeck medal was presented. Magnus Henrekson, IFN, awarded the medal to Petter Lundborg, Lund University. Assar Lindbeck himself was also attending the conference and the award ceremony.…

  • New research by Assar Lindbeck published in top research journal


    In the October issue of the Journal of Political Economy an article is published by Assar Lindbeck, IFN and Stockholm University, and Mats Persson, Stockholm University: "Social Norms in Social Insurance". JPE is one of the five top journals in the field of economics, where it is extremely challenging to be published. "It is unique to publish new research in any of these journals at…

  • Digitalization might increase economic polarization


    “Digitalization and the welfare state” was the topic of a presentation held by Mårten Blix, IFN, for DNB Bank during the tennis tournament Stockholm Open. Mårten Blix described how digitalization might catalyze economic polarization in society. To conclude, Blix gave his view on Sweden’s capability to implement large-scale structural reforms: Will Sweden manage to…

  • IFN researcher received his Ph.D. in Political Science


    Richard Öhrvall, IFN, has received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Linköping University. “It’s fun to present what I have spent much of my time on these past few years.” In his dissertation, Growing into voting- Election turnout among young people and habit formation, Öhrvall concludes that it is not necessary for future election participation that young…

  • Sharing economy was part of 40th anniversary


     Andreas Bergh, IFN and Lund University, was one of the speakers when the think tank Timbro celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. The subject was the growing sharing economy. "The size of the sharing economy in one country depends mostly on the speed of the internet," explained Bergh, one of the researchers behind the Sharing Economy Index (TSEI), a…

  • Many don’t know enough about their pension plan


    Mikael Elinder, Uppsala University and affiliated to IFN, and Johannes Hagen, Jönköping International Business School, presented their report Den komplexa tjänsterapporten (SNS). Individuals report that the occupational pension system is difficult to understand, explained Elinder. Few people understand this specific part of the pension system. One fourth of the respondents do not…

  • Sweden has become richer!


    The Swedish Research Council and the Institute for Future Studies arranged the public seminar “What happens when the rich become richer?” (Vad händer när de rika blir rikare?). One of the participants was the IFN-researcher Professor Daniel Waldenström. His presentation contained topics such as wealth growth in Sweden, redistribution and its implications for capital…

  • No one "miracle reform" can create enough jobs


    Together with the publisher Dialogos, IFN arranged a seminar about the book “How can more enter the labor market? (Hur ska fler komma in på arbetsmarknaden?). Professor Lars Calmfors, who is one of the authors of the book, was interviewed by the journalist Cecilia Garme. The interview revolved mainly around problems of integrating foreign-born individuals in the Swedish labor market.…

  • "Operation digitalization"


    The ESO-report (The Expert Group on Public Economics) Operation digitalisering (Operation digitalization), by Mårten Blix, IFN, and Charlotta Lavay, Lund University, was presented at a seminar. The authors write about digitalization in the health care sector and demand a more pragmatic view on the topic. While many individuals can already today seek health care (advice) via…

  • Ethnic segregation has increased, and so has self-employment


    “Ethnic segregation has increased in Sweden since the 1990’s but so has the share of self-employment among immigrants”, said Mats Hammarstedt, Linnéuns University and affiliated researcher to IFN, at the seminar "Segregation and refugees’ entrepreneurship" (SNS). Henrik Andersson, Uppsala University, presented a study on the effects of ethnic segregation on…

  • This is why we have a glass ceiling in the labor market


    Joacim Tåg, IFN, commented, at an SNS seminar, on a presentation by Marianne Bertrand, professor at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Bertrand presented research on the underlying causes for why women are still underrepresented amongst high-income earners despite the progress in equality of the genders in several other aspects. At the seminar Joacim Tåg talked about…

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