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Is wealth and poverty self-reinforcing spirals?


Two researchers affiliated to IFN, Erik Lindqvist, Stockholm School of Economics, and David Cesarini, New York University, have been awarded funding from Ragnar Söderbergs Stiftelse for the research project "Förmögenhetsbildning över livscykeln och mellan generationer" (wealth formation over the lifecycle and generations), together with Robert Östling, Stockholm University. This is one of two current Ragnar Söderberg projects in economics.

Wealth can act as a self-strengthening spiral: wealth can lead to better health, higher education and higher financial returns, which in themselves are important prerequisites for economic success. But it is also conceivable that poverty can lead to the corresponding evil spirals. In Erik Lindqvist, David Cesarini and Östling's project, self-reinforcing processes, in regards to wealth formation, will be studied empirically.

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