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Too fast internationalization might result in fewer jobs


Magnus Henrekson andLouise Johannesson, IFN, presented the study "Born globals" at Karl-Adam Bonniers stiftelse.

On Monday, Magnus Henrekson and Louise Johannesson presented the study Born Globals – Facts and Wishful Thinking (Karl-Adam Bonniers Stiftelse), which they wrote in cooperation with Shon Ferguson. All three are researchers at IFN. They explain that the government is now implementing financial support programs specifically aimed at born globals. But, the researchers write, a rapid internationalization of businesses might result in fewer, not more jobs. And at worst, the government programs will rush promising companies out into the world before they are ready.

2018-03-26 Born Globals2.jpg
Louise Johannesson and Magnus Henrekson  presented the report
Born Globals. The third author also atten ded the event at Karl-Adam Bonnier stiftelse: Shon Ferguson, IFN.

Read the report (in Swedish)

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