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Do businesses in the welfare sector need to be better regulated?


Henrik Jordahl, IFN, is the autohor af a chapter titled "Cherry picking i värlfärdsföretag" in Fores Policy Brief 2018:5.

Henrik Jordahl, IFN, and Karin Edmark, Stockholm University and affiliated to IFN, are two of the authors the report "Istället för vinstförbud – bättre reglering av välfärdsföretag" (Fores) (Instead of a Ban on Profits – Better Regulation of Welfare Companies". Henrik Jordahl has studied whether companies in the welfare sector are "cherry-picking", for example, accept students with few problems or patients with more uncomplicated diseases. "Existing Swedish studies do not indicate that cherry-picking is a major problem in the welfare sector," Jordahl said. It is largely housing segregation that drives segregation in schools, Karin Edmark explained. She suggested, among other things, that the size of school vouchers be weighted according to the students' socio-economic background.

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Karin Edmark has written about "Hur vi bemöter den ökade skolsegregationen? (How We Answer the Increased School Segregation?) Here talking to Andreas Bergström, Fores.


2018-03-28 Fores Jordahl1.jpgDe The five authors to the Fores Policy brief 2018:5 (seen from left) Jörgen Hettne, Associate Professor Department of Business Law, Lund University, Henrik Jordahl, Associate Professor and Program Director at IFN, Mats Bergman, Professor of Economics at Södertörn University, Lina Maria Ellegård, Researcher at the Department of Economics, Lund University, Karin Edmark, Associate Professor at SOFI, Stockholm University and affiliated to IFN, and moderator  Andreas Bergström, Fores.

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