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Engaged debate about the quality of home care – and how to measure


Paneldiskussion om kvalitet i hemtjänsten. Från vänster: henrik Jordahl, IFN, Veronica Magnusson, Vision, Annika Wallenskog, SKL, Camilla Aho, Attendo, och Ulrika Winblad, Uppsala universitet. Foto: Bosse Johansson.

A knowledgeable panel and a dedicated audience participated on Thursday in a seminar organized by IFN on the topic of home care of elderly. With the help of new digitally collected data, IFN researchers have compared the quality and productivity of home care. It varies a lot between different units, explained Henrik Jordahl, IFN. The researchers have also studied LOV (a standardized model of choice and competition) and seen that the elderly are more satisfied with the home care when a municipality apply LOV. The panel discussed these and other issues. The panel included, in addition to Henrik Jordahl: Camilla Aho, Attendo, Veronica Magnusson, Vision, Annika Wallenskog, SKL, and Ulrika Winblad, Uppsala University.


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Henrik Jordahl, IFN, presented research conducted at IFN using new digitally collected data. The researchers have compared the quality and productivity of home care services. Photo: Bosse Johansson.


The municipal home care (hemtjänst) is more expensive than private company services, Henrik Jordahl explained in the panel discussion. He also said that digital time measurement in home care shows that labor productivity (measured in 172 home care groups) also varies widely between groups in comparable municipalities. This means that the efficiency and thus quality can be improved in the home care system. He pointed out that research also indicates that when staff is stressed due to a big workload, the elderly are still satisfaction with the services.

At the same time, Henrik Jordahl said that it is difficult to know how good the home care is when it is not paid by the person who uses it. If you paid  from your own pocket (for example as for RUT services) and not via taxes, you would clearly see what is good and bad quality.


Cecilia Grandstrand, a journalist at
Dagens Samhälle, moderated the seminar that was held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, in Stockholm. Photo: Bosse Johansson.

Henrik Jordahl's presentation

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