Headlines 2018

IFN-faculty in the public debate – in Almedalen


For the first time, IFN is organizer of a seminar in Almedalen: "Den svenska kunskapssynen – beror utbildningsproblemen på hur kunskap värderas?"(The Swedish perspective of knowledge: Is the problems in the education system an effect of how knowledge is valued?) will be held .Monday July 2, at 10.00-11.00. The seminar is organized in cooperation with the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. The panel includes Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for higher education, Erik Bengtzboe, (M), Johan Eklund, Entrepreneurship Forum, Åsa Fahlén, Teachers' Association, and Magnus Henrekson, IFN.

During the Almedal Week (July1–8) a number of IFN researchers also participate in discussions and debates organized in Almedalen by external organizations.

Read about the events organized by external organizations (in Swedish)

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