Headlines 2018

New platform for cooperation in Corporate Economics


Lars Persson, left, and Alexander Ljungqvist have initiated the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics, NICE.

The study of corporations is fragmented across various branches of economics and management science (such as industrial organization, accounting, and entrepreneurship), each of which approaches the study of corporations from a different perspective. The lack of an organized way of interacting and learning from each other is perceived as an obstacle for the development of these research fields. “We aim to change this by introducing the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics, NICE,” said Professor Lars Persson, IFN, who in cooperation with Professor Alexander Ljungqvist, Stockholm’s School of Economics and affiliated to IFN, has instigated the new network.


In the process of founding NICE Persson and Ljunqvist have coined the term “corporate economics.” “We hope NICE will provide a focal point for collaborative research on corporations. As the corporation is at the heart of a good deal of economic activities”.

The Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics will hold its first international conference on August 17--18 in Stockholm.

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