Headlines 2018

Assar Lindbeck medal awarded to researcher at Lund University


Petter Lundborg, Lund University, was awarded the Assar Lindbeck medal 2018. The award was presented to him by Magnus Henrekson, IFN. Foto: LNU/Anders Runesson. Foto: LNU/Anders Runesson.

During the annual conference of the Swedish Economics Association (Nationalekonomiska föreningen), which this year was organized by the Business School at Linnaeus University in Växjö, the Assar Lindbeck medal was presented. Magnus Henrekson, IFN, awarded the medal to Petter Lundborg, Lund University. Assar Lindbeck himself was also attending the conference and the award ceremony. An additional number of IFN researchers participate by presenting and commenting on research.

2018-10-05 Assar Lindbeck medalj2.jpg
Assar Lindbeck, IFN and Stockholms University, attended the  award ceremony in Växjö. Foto: LNU/Anders Runesson.

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