Headlines 2018

Digitalization might increase economic polarization


“Digitalization and the welfare state” was the topic of a presentation held by Mårten Blix, IFN, for DNB Bank during the tennis tournament Stockholm Open. Mårten Blix described how digitalization might catalyze economic polarization in society. To conclude, Blix gave his view on Sweden’s capability to implement large-scale structural reforms: Will Sweden manage to carry through large-scale structural changes in the absence of a crisis? That remains to be seen, said, Blix. Finally, he compared the 1990’s and today regarding opportunities to reform society.

2018-10-18 Mårtern Blix DBN bank Stockholm Open.jpg

A panel discussion followed Mårten Blix's presentation. The panel included (from left to right) PM Nilsson, political editor at Dagens Industri, Thomas Jellvik, microanalyst at DNB Markets, Mårten Blix, IFN, and Ulf Andersson, Head of DNB Markets Sweden.

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