Headlines 2018

Many don’t know enough about their pension plan


(From left to right) Moderator Annika Creutzer, Johannes Hagen and Mikael Elinder

Mikael Elinder, Uppsala University and affiliated to IFN, and Johannes Hagen, Jönköping International Business School, presented their report Den komplexa tjänsterapporten (SNS). Individuals report that the occupational pension system is difficult to understand, explained Elinder. Few people understand this specific part of the pension system. One fourth of the respondents do not even know if they have an occupational pension plan. In the report, Elinder and Hagen present seven ideas for how the pension system can be simplified, one of which is to upgrade the site Minpension.se.

Read the report (in Swedish)

Text translation from Swedish: Marcos Demetry

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