Headlines 2018

Sweden has become richer!


Daniel Waldenström is the second person from the left in the panel.

The Swedish Research Council and the Institute for Future Studies arranged the public seminar “What happens when the rich become richer?” (Vad händer när de rika blir rikare?). One of the participants was the IFN-researcher Professor Daniel Waldenström. His presentation contained topics such as wealth growth in Sweden, redistribution and its implications for capital income taxation. Waldenström showed that national wealth has increased significantly in recent decades and that the increase was from the private sector. He explained that due to noisy micro-data “we cannot with certainty say whether wealth inequality has increased in Sweden”, but preliminary estimates indicate that no major changes have happened.

After presenting their own results and a discussion on recent progress in this field of research by Daniel Waldenström and Agneta Berge (Stockholm University), they were joined by Lisa Pelling, (Arena Idé), Mattias Svensson (liberal writer) and Gabriella Overödder (Effektiv altruism Sverige) for a discussion. Much of the discussion was about the effects of today’s tax policy and whether the time has come for a tax reform.

Text translation from Swedish: Marcos Demetry

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