Headlines 2013

  • Ljungqvist new affiliated researcher


    Alexander Ljungqvist is new affiliated researcher at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics. He is the Ira Rennert Chair in Finance and Entrepreneurship at New York University Stern School of Business.

  • IFN is part of the public debate


    IFN contributes with high-quality analyses and policy recommendations to the public debate. This might be done as an article in a daily paper or researchers taking part in a public debate. On January 23, Magnus Henrekson, Director IFN, and Lars Persson, Deputy Director of the Institute, both take part in two such debates.

  • Jonas Vlachos awarded the Myrdal Prize 2012


    The Gunnar Myrdal Prize 2012 has been awarded Jonas Vlachos, who is affiliated researchers to IFN, for his article "Is profit and competition suitable for schools?". The article was published in the National Economic Association's journal Ekonomisk Debatt No. 4, 2012.  

  • Swedish lesson for the US?

    2013-01-23 The American

    The online magazine of the American Enterprise Institute claims that "the Swedish political Right has increasingly managed to recapture the support of a large segment of the chattering classes. There may be lessons for the United States". One of the authors is Tino Sanandaji, research-fellow at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN).

  • Swedes spearheading research on entrepreneurship


    A Special Section on Entrepreneurship is included in the latest issue of the prestigious scientific journal Industrial and Corporate Change. This is a joint project of IFN and the Entreprenörskapsforum, lead by the CEOs Magnus Henrekson and Pontus Braunerhjelm, who have been guest editors heading a group of Swedish researchers, in detail studying the rules of entrepreneurship,…

  • Prized research on entrepreneurship


    The 2013 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is awarded to Professor Maryann Feldman, Professor in the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina. Global Award is the leading international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of EUR 100 000. Among other things Professor Feldman is awarded for her studies of entrepreneurial activity in the formation of…

  • A competitive EU at the right price


    The anthology " Ett konkurrenskraftigt EU till rätt pris “ (A competitive EU at the right price) was presented at a seminar in Stockholm on February 6. Participation was among other Birgitta Olsson, Minister for EU-affairs, and Mikael Damberg (S). Panelists were IFN researchers Pär Holmberg and Thomas Tangerås, who also wrote a chapter in the book. So did Olle Folke and…

  • Assar Lindbeck among the 100 most influential Swedes


    Professor Assar Lindbeck, IFN, is among Sweden's most important opinion makers. At number 71, he is the only scholar on this list. On the supplementary list of names that ended up "almost among the 100 most important" are two futher academics: Professor Lars Calmfors, Stockholm University and Professor Magnus Henrekson, IFN.

  • Will information on quality and results change the health care system?


    Within the framework of cooperation between IFN and SNS a seminar was held on March 6. The question asked was "how to measure quality and outcomes of health care?". Elliott Fisher, leading expert in the American health care debate, together with Johan Calltorp, professor at the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare, shared their perspectives. In the photo:…

  • Frank Wolak Visiting Professor at IFN


    Funded by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), Professor Frank Wolak, electricity market researchers at Stanford University, will be visiting professor at IFN for six months in 2014. His stay in Sweden is made possible by the prestigious visiting professorship AES (the Swedish Energy Agency’s research program General Energy system studies).  

  • IFN Researchers in the First Place


    It is part of an IFN-researchers job to communicate their research beyond the research community. In terms of academic economists published in the largest Swedish morning paper Dagens Nyheter and its op-ed section (DN Debatt) between 2010 and 2012, IFN-researchers were in a leading position. 23 main opinion pieces had at least one IFN-researcher as co-author.

  • Corruption in Sweden


    What if Sweden is like Iceland, warns researcher Andreas Bergh and refers to the report "Public benefit or personal gain? ESO report on corruption in Swedish." The report which has IFN researchers Andreas Bergh and Richard Öhrvall as co-authors was released on April 9. Corruption was basically unknown in regards to Iceland until the financial crisis exposed irregularities.

  • New Report: Where Jobs are Created


    On June 4, IFN arranged a seminar on the ESO report "Job Dynamics in Swedish industry 1990-2009" (Expert Group on Public Economics). Economists Fredrik Heyman, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson, all IFN, presented the results of their study: What kinds of jobs have been lost or created? Do the employees have low or high education? How is the job dynamics between the service sector…

  • Feldman Received Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2013


    Maryann Feldman, Professor of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina, has been awarded the prestigious Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2013. On Wednesday, she received the price during a ceremony in which Anders Borg, Minister for Finance, participated. She held a prize lecture on "The Character of Place: Economic Development, Business Strategy and Prosperity." The…

  • Economic Research on European Integration


    For the 15th year in a row, an international scientific conference on European integration is organized in Mölle, Skåne. Professor Lars Oxelheim, IFN and Lund University, Chairman of the Swedish Network for European Studies in Economics and Business (SNEE), is in charge of the event. Included on this year's list of 150 guests are Richard Sweeney, Georgetown University and Rym Ayadi,…

  • "An opportunity to learn what is new"


    Yossi Spiegel from Tel Aviv University is for the second time taking part in IFN's annual research conference in Vaxholm. This year the theme being "Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance." Why does he travel to Sweden and Vaxholm? "Here I have an opportunity to learn what is new and exciting in this well-defined subject area. From earlier, I also know that the scientists…

  • IFN is seeking research assistants


    We are looking for two research assistants for employment starting September 2013. As a research assistant you will work closely with the institute’s researchers, assisting them in their different research projects. The work ranges from data collection and processing to advanced econometrics. Last date for application is August 12. 

  • Chinese delegation at IFN


    On Friday a group of Chinese business people, alumna from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, visited IFN. The visit was arranged within the framework of the Tsinghua CEO Group. The graduates are currently active at the management level of domestic and foreign companies in China. Professor Lars Oxelheim gave a speech entitled "The global crisis - micro and macro…

  • Magnus Henrekson Awarded


    Professor Magnus Henrekson, IFN, has been awarded Jacob Palmstierna's Prize for 2013 of SEK 100 000 for significant contributions in economic education. The motivation for awarding the prize to Magnus Henrekson is his important contributions in articles, books, and public events, "to public understanding of science-based facts in regards to crucial social issues with an economic…

  • New Book about Energy Markets, Ownership and the Climate


    August 29, SNS (Centre for Business and Policy Studies) will present a new book about the separate rules and regulations for privately owned and municipal utilities. How does the form of ownership affect customers? Are different regulations justified? And are the rules tailored for the future of energy markets? Author is Thomas Tangerås, IFN, Tommy Lundgren, Umeå School of…

  • Awarded for Best Paper


    Ewa Lazarczyk, IFN, received the "IAEE Student Paper Award" at a conference in Düsseldorf 18-21 August. The conference and the award is organized on an annual basis by the International Association for Energy Economics. The title of Ewa Lazarczyk's winning essay was "Market specific news and its impact on forward premia on electricity markets". Ewa Lazarczyk is…

  • Public Ownership is Questioned


    A report "Energy markets, ownership and climate" (SNS Förlag) written by Thomas Tangerås, IFN, Tommy Lundgren, Jesper Stage and Bjorn Carlén was presented on August 29. The authors warn that it might be expensive and inefficient to let municipally owned companies take responsibility for the climate. In an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes Thomas…

  • VC Firms Help Building the Country


    Venture capital is a good thing seen from an economic perspective, noted Jocaim Tåg, IFN, when speaking at a seminar on "Venture Capitalists Help Building the Country" organized by Timbro. He presented his own and others' research on the venture capital industry. At the seminar Janerik Larsson,presented his book The new industrialists. In addition Gabriel Urwitz, Chairman of…

  • Andreas Bergh new columnist for Svenska Dagbladet


    Andreas Bergh, IFN, is new columnist for Svnska Dagbladet's editorial page. His first column will be published Saturday, September 7. Andreas Bergh is associate professor of economics. His research focuses on public and institutional economics. At the time he is working on an English version of the book Den kapitalistiska välfärdsstaten. He is also giving lectures in microeconomics…

  • Competition Improves Quality of Healthcare


    On Friday Carol Propper, Professor of Economics and Head of the Health Management Group, Imperial College in the UK was the key note speaker at a seminar organized by IFN and SNS. The seminar was part of cooperation between IFN and SNS:  From welfare state to a welfare society. The theme of the seminar was "Competition in health care: what can we learn from England?" Professor…

  • Johanna Möllerström New at Ekonomistas


    Johanna Möllerström, who earned her PhD in March 2013 at Harvard University and who is affiliated to IFN, is new as contributor on Ekonomistas – a blog written by "economists on society, politics and science." Johanna Möllerström's thesis addressed the issue of how affirmative action affects the willingness to cooperate within a group.

  • Morality – the Forgotten Key to Prosperity


    Thursday September 26, IFN organized a seminar with Professor David Rose, University of Missouri-St Louis, who presented his book Moral Foundation of Economic Behavior. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, former Director General of the Swedish National Audit Office and Niclas Berggren, Associate Professor, IFN, commented. Faced with an eloquent audience David Rose explained his thoughts on why opportunism thrive…

  • Norwegian Politicians about Financial Stability


    Morten Søberg, resigning State Secretary in the Norwegian Ministry of Finance on Monday gave a lecture at IFN on "the new Norwegian banking regulations as a tool for financial stability" . Moreover, Ola Borten Moe, the resigning Minister for Oil & Energy, also attended the seminar. Søberg explained that in regards to financial stability there is only one issue…

  • Seminar on innovation with Nobel Laureate Edmund Phelps


    Faced with a large and eloquent audience Nobel Laureate in Economics (2006) Edmund Phelps gave a lecture on the good life, characterized as "flourishing". He explained that mass prosperity came with the mass innovation in the 19th century. Magnus Henrekson, IFN, and Solveig Wikström, Stockholm University, commented on this lecture and discussed, among other things, what creates this…

  • Awarded for Best Paper 2013


    Johanna Rickne, IFN, has been awarded the Intersentia FISS-prize for the best paper 2013 presented at the annual conference organized by the Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS), this year in Sigtuna, Sweden. The title of the paper is "Firm Ownership and Social Insurance Inequality in Transitional China: Evidence from a Large Panel of Firm Data", which is…

  • Maximize the business perspective!


    For a month Steven Kelman, Professor of Public Management at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, has been guest researcher at IFN. On Wednesday, he and Anders Wijkman, former politician and analyst of procurement, spoke at a seminar organized by SNS (Centre for Business and Policy Studies). The question asked was how public procurement can be improved. Steven…

  • Special Feature Articles now also in English


    Special Feature Articles have been published in IFN newsletters since 2006. Starting with Newsletter 2-2013 these research summaries will be translated into English. “To facilitate an eloquent policy discussion we highlight relevant empirical ties, based on substantiated theory” explained Professor Lars Persson, IFN, one of the authors of the first article translated into English:…

  • Unique History of Taxes


    For the first time the entire Swedish tax system has been mapped systematically from 1862 to the present day. "It's a vast project. For four years a number of scientists under the leadership of Dr. Mikael Stenkula, IFN, have studied the subject," explained Magnus Henrekson , director of the institute. The main results from the first segment – about labour income taxation…

  • Different Political Tradition(S)


    On Wednesday, as part of a joint IFN-SNS project called From welfare state to a welfare society, professor Anders Lindbom presented a chapter in a forthcoming report entitled "Welfare services under private management - the growth and motivation ." The anthology will be presented in its entirety on November 13. In his research Lindbom has found that different traditions of thought within…

  • Advice from Sweden to Greece


    Magnus Henrekson, IFN, has in cooperation with Harald Edquist, Fores, written a chapter in a new book with the self-explanatory title What can we learn from economic reforms in Greece and Sweden?. The said chapter is about product market reforms and incentives to innovate in Sweden. The authors suggest a number of reforms to enhance economic developments in Sweden, including increased government…

  • New Research Program about Moral Values and Social Attitudes


    An economy does not function in a vacuum but consists of people of flesh and blood, with moral values, with attitudes towards their fellow human beings and with an ability to be affected by laws, rules and norms. A new research program at IFN studies how such factors influence human behavior and, thereby, the way the economy functions – but also how the economy in turn influences morality,…

  • New Report on Swedish Privatization


    At a November 13 seminar, Henrik Jordahl of IFN presented a brand new research report, Välfärdstjänster i Privat Regi: Framväxt och Drivkrafter (Welfare Services under Private Management: Rise and Driving Forces). This seminar was part of an initiative between IFN and SNS:  From a Welfare State to a Welfare Society. The report, of which Jordahl is the editor, discusses the…

  • The Decline and Fall of the Stock Market


    Alexander Ljungqvist , Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at New York University's Stern School of Business and affiliated to IFN , launched a breakfast seminar entitled The Decline and Fall of the Stock Market . Primarily he explained how the U.S. market works and explained that the number of IPOs have become fewer, yet larger . Alexander Ljungqvist's introduction was followed by…

  • Immigrants in the labor force


    When testing why immigrants are less likely than natives to be working in most OECD-countries, Andreas Bergh, IFN, finds two significant patterns. First, welfare state generosity keeps immigrants away from the labor force. Second, given that immigrants enter the labor force, collective bargaining agreements explain immigrant unemployment.

  • Threats to Swedish Progress


    In a European perspective the Swedish economy is performing well. How come? Professor Magnus Henrekson, IFN, is interviewed by the Fjärde Uppgiften about what might make a country successful. One of the main reasons for the Swedish success, he claims, is that “we had our crisis in the 90's and implemented necessary reforms, which others have failed to carry…

  • Politicians should pave the way


    The IT crash at the beginning of the 2000s "meant that the names entrepreneur and entrepreneurship lost its luster" writes Magnus Henrekson in the preface to the Swedish translation of Josh Lerner's book Boulevard of Broken Dreams : Why Public Efforts to Boost Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Have Failed - and What to Do About It . Henrekson argues that entrepreneurship is more…

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