Headlines 2013

"An opportunity to learn what is new"


Gordon Phillips, USC Marshall School of Business discusses his study "The Incentives for Vertical Mergers and Vertical Integration."

Yossi Spiegel from Tel Aviv University is for the second time taking part in IFN's annual research conference in Vaxholm. This year the theme being "Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance." Why does he travel to Sweden and Vaxholm? "Here I have an opportunity to learn what is new and exciting in this well-defined subject area. From earlier, I also know that the scientists involved are serious and that it’s a good conference."

Rune Stenbacka, from Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki agrees with Yossi Spiegel and says that the conference is excellent: "The invited researchers are selected with care and good judgment, and Vaxholm is a fine location."

13-14 June IFN arranged for the 13th consecutive year, a research conference with international invited guests. The purpose of these conferences is to bring together top researchers working on policy-oriented issues in industrial organization and corporate finance. This year's meeting was attended by economists from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, USA, England, Germany, Italy and Israel. During the meeting a number of studies were presented and discussed. The topics varied from entrepreneurs' choice to engage in more or less risky R & D projects, to how transparency affects the tax burden and access to capital.

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