Headlines 2013

Assar Lindbeck among the 100 most influential Swedes


Professor Assar Lindbeck, IFN, is among Sweden's most important opinion makers. At number 71, he is the only scholar on this list. On the supplementary list of names that ended up "almost among the 100 most important" are two futher academics: Professor Lars Calmfors, Stockholm University and Professor Magnus Henrekson, IFN.

The list has been compiled since 1974 by the DSM (Debatt-Sanningssökande-Mediekritik). On this year's list we find Anders Borg, Minister of Finance, in the first place. He is followed by Peter Wolodarski, Editor in Chief, Dagens Nyheter and Tomas Ramberg, Ekot (Public Radio). DSM notes that the trend towards a journalist/media power is growing. The DSM list of those in power can be compared with the Fokus magazine list of Sweden's most powerful 2012. Again, the number of academics is alarmingly low. The only one is Lars Calmfors, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University. However, judging by the motivation of the panel, he ended up on the list mainly because he writes columns in Dagens Nyheter. The Focus list is topped by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, followed by Anders Borg and Stefan Lövén, Party Leader (S).

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