Headlines 2013

IFN is part of the public debate


IFN contributes with high-quality analyses and policy recommendations to the public debate. This might be done as an article in a daily paper or researchers taking part in a public debate. On January 23, Magnus Henrekson, Director IFN, and Lars Persson, Deputy Director of the Institute, both take part in two such debates.

Given that FDI is an important factor for economic growth SIEPS is organizing a seminar I Stockholm on January 23, in regards to this subject: "How can the EU Become more attractive to Foreign Direct Investment?". Professor Lars Persson, Deputy Director IFN, will give his comments to a report written by Professor José Villaverde, University of Cantabria, Spain.

On January 23, the SNS will hold a seminar where leading researchers comment on proposed distribution constraints in the welfare sector, suggested by the Social Democrats and the Labor Union (LO). Professor Magnus Henrekson, Director IFN, is one of the invited panelists. He will be joined by: Tobias Baudin, LO, Lena Hallengren (S), Marta Szebehely, Professor of Social Work, SU, Björn Öckert, Associate Professor IFAU and Per Strömberg, HHS.

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