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IFN Researchers in the First Place


It is part of an IFN-researchers job to communicate their research beyond the research community. In terms of academic economists published in the largest Swedish morning paper Dagens Nyheter and its op-ed section (DN Debatt) between 2010 and 2012, IFN-researchers were in a leading position. 23 main opinion pieces had at least one IFN-researcher as co-author.

Communicating research outside the academic sphere can be done in many different ways and the extent of this part of IFN's activities is therefore not uncomplicated to quantify. One way to measure the presence of researchers in the Swedish political debate, is the number of articles written by academic economists in Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The readership of DN Debatt is broad. In an internal study (DN Debate. 2010 in figures) 59 percent of DN's almost 900,000 readers answered yes to the question "did you read or take notice of the DN Debatt yesterday? “. This means that about half a million readers are aware of the topics and the names of the authors that are published at DN Debatt.

It turns out that when counting the number of op-ed pieces written by academic economists and published at DN Debatt between 2010 and 2012, IFN researchers are at the helm. 23 main articles (not counting comments and responses) had at least one co-author from IFN (14.6 with authoring adjustment). In second place the economists at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, can be found with 14 published articles, followed by Uppsala University and Lund University. In fifth place is a private entity, namely the U.S. Peterson Institute where the Swedish economist Anders Åslund is active. In ninth place the Swedish research institute Ratio can be found.


Tabell publicering i DN

(Table and original text published in IFN Årsbok 2012).

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