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Swedes spearheading research on entrepreneurship


A Special Section on Entrepreneurship is included in the latest issue of the prestigious scientific journal Industrial and Corporate Change. This is a joint project of IFN and the Entreprenörskapsforum, lead by the CEOs Magnus Henrekson and Pontus Braunerhjelm, who have been guest editors heading a group of Swedish researchers, in detail studying the rules of entrepreneurship, innovation-based growth and entrepreneurship effects on the economy at large in Sweden and the US.

The research project Economics of Entrepreneurship is a joint project between IFN and the Entrepreneurship Forum where eight top international researchers have cooperated with nine young postdoctoral Swedish researchers on issues related to institutional design. The overall purpose of the project is to use economic analysis to study how various factors influence entrepreneurship, innovation and business dynamics. The aim was to compare the outcome in two countries with different institutions, norms and traditions of entrepreneurship. The research has generated valuable knowledge about how various institutions and regulations affect the entrepreneurial economic growth, a knowledge which can be crucial for entrepreneurship and the future development of prosperity both in Sweden and other countries.

The main message in Industrial and Corporate Change is that analyses of entrepreneurship should be conducted through the lens of the institutional setup.” Few, if any, societies have managed to completely quell the individual’s innovativeness and pursuit of personal gains. However, there are large differences as to whether, and to what extent, societies have managed to gain rather than lose from these human traits.” In the concluding remarks it is said that we may be fairly confident that these differences have a great deal to do with institutional differences, on the more detailed level Though, “we still know fairly little about how these effects are borne out, and how entrepreneurs would react to specific institutional changes, let alone when and how entrepreneurial effort is expended to induce institutional change.”

The following articles are included in the Special Section of Industrial and Corporate Change (Volume 22, Issue 1 February 2013):

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