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IFN promotes knowledge-based debate regarding enterprises as viewed from an economic perspective. IFN’s priority is making research accessible to people outside the scientific community. Solid research is always the basis for IFN activities. IFN primarily organizes academic seminars and other activities for researchers. On an annual basis the Institute also arranges a series of workshops open to the public. Topics for these workshops are derived from IFN research.


Upcoming seminars:


Real-Estate Agent Commission Structure and Market Efficiency

Research seminars

Aico Van Vuuren Gothenburg University



Research seminars

Ralph Ossa University of Zurich


Bristyrken i offentlig verksamhet

Brown bag seminars

Adrian Adermon IFAU and Uppsala University



Research seminars

Klaus Thurstrup Kreiner Copenhagen University



Research seminars

Torfinn Harding Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen


Vem lämnar en (o)trygg anställning för att bli egenföretagare eller aktiebolagsdelägare?

Brown bag seminars

Fredrik Andersson Statistics Sweden (SCB)

  • Research seminars

    Academically oriented IFN seminars are usually held on Wednesdays at 10–11.15 a.m. At these events researchers from IFN and other institutions and universities present their recent research. Visitors are welcome!

    Responsible for the seminar series: Shon Ferguson.

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  • Brown bag seminars

    Informal brown bag seminars are usually held on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. These seminars serve as an opportunity for IFN and visiting researchers to present ongoing research and test ideas and results.

  • Public activities

    A few times a year IFN organizes seminars open to the public. Topics are derived from IFN research. The audience is made up largely of senior decision makers, experts and opinion leaders.

  • IFN Stockholm Conference

    IFN organizes an annual scientific conference on topics relating to the research programs of the institute. At this event, international scientists and IFN researchers attain inspiration for future research.

  • Conferences and Ph.D. Courses

    Periodically Ph.D. courses are organized by the Research Institute of Industrial Economics. Such courses might also be orgainized in cooperation with other institutions. Also IFN hosts conferences. The annual IFN Stockholm Conference is described under it's own section. Other conferences can be found below.

  • Past Public Activities

    IFN organizes seminars open to the public. Topics for these are derived from the IFN research. The audience is typically comprised of senior decision makers, experts, and opinion leaders in relevant disciplines.

  • Past Research Seminars

    IFN's predecessor, IUI, was founded in 1939, and did not make much of its work public. However, starting in 2006, key activities have been documented on this website and can be found in the archive.

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