2016 Third CEPR European Workshop on Entrepreneurship Economics

The Third CEPR European Workshop on Entrepreneurship Economics

Stockholm, June 18–19, 2016


Updated June 17, 2016

Each presentation should take 40 minutes, the discussant may use 10 minutes, and 10 minutes are devoted to general discussion.



Friday June 17 


19.00 Pre-conference dinner

Elite Hotel Marina Tower, for conference participants arriving on Friday


Saturday June 18


08.30–08.45  Registration

08.45–09.00  Welcome address by Magnus Henrekson on behalf of the organizing committee

Session I

Chair: Joacim Tåg

09.00–10.00  Paper title: "Integration, Delegation, and Management"
Presenter: Patrick Legros
Discussant: Yossi Spiegel

10.00–11.00: Paper title: "An Estimated Structural Model of Entrepreneurial Behavior“
Presenter: Sangeeta Pratap
Discussant: Nikita Koptyug


11.00–11.30 Coffee


Session II

Chair: Joacim Tåg

11.30–12.30 Paper title: "Owner Liquidity and Survivorship of Entrepreneurial Firms"
Presenter: Tobin Hanspal
Discussant: Egle Karmaziene

12.3013.30 Paper title: "The Bank Lending Channel and Corporate Innovation"
Presenter: Spyridon Lagaras
Discussant: Laurent Bach


13.30–14.30  Lunch


Session III

Chair: Joacim Tåg

14.3015.30  Paper title: "The Returns to Training in a Low Income Labor Market: Evidence from a Field Experiment and Structural Model" 
Presenter: Vittorio Bassi
Discussant: Giacomo De Giorgio

15.30–16.30 Paper title: "Kinship Taxation as a Constraint to Microenterprise Growth: Experimental Evidence from Kenya"  
Presenter: Munir Squires
Discussant: Fabiano Schivardi 


16.30–16.45 Coffee


Session IV

Chair: Joacim Tåg

16.45–17.45 Paper title: "Patents and the Success of Venture-Capital Backed Startups: Using Exminer Assignment to Estimate Causal Effects"
Presenter: Patrick Gaulé
Discussant: Thomas Seiler

17.45–18.45 Paper title: "Embracing the Sharks: The Impact of Information Exposure on the Likelihood and Quality of CVC Investments"
Presenter: Pooyan Khashabi
Discussant: Samuele Murtinu


19.15 Meet on the staircase outside the entrance door for group photo

19.30–22.00  Short walk to and dinner at the restaurant Docklands, Finnboda harbour 


Sunday June 19 


Session V

Chair: Nikita Koptyug

09.00–10.00 Paper title: "(Crowd)funding Innovation: Financing Constraints, Price Discrimination and Welfare"
Presenter: David Zvilichovsky
Discussant: Lars Persson

10.00–11.00 Paper title: "Antitrust, Patents, and Cumulative Innovation: Evidence from Bell Labs"
Presenter: Martin Watzinger
Discussant: Pehr-Johan Norbäck


11.00–11.30 Coffee (and check-out from the hotel)


Session VI

Chair: Nikita Koptyug

11.30–12.30 Paper title: "Do Entrepreneurs Shy Away from Competition? Tournament in Workplaces and Transition to Entrepreneurship"
Presenter: Francesca Melillo
Discussant: Mirjam van Praag

12.30-13.30 Paper title: "On the Origins of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Sibling Correlations"
Presenter: Theodor Vladasel
Discussant: Daniel Metzger


13.30–13.45 Closing remarks

13.45–14.30  Lunch



Leading Research Environment

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The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that economic methods offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

The main research programs are:

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