June 2019, Norio

Program Norio XI



--- Monday June 10 ---


WELCOME (room Ragnar)


Pricing on online platforms (room Ragnar)

  “Paying with (personal) data” by Gisle J. Natvik and Thomas Tangerås
Discussant: Malin Arve (malin.arve@nhh.no)
  “Surfing incognito: Welfare effects of anonymous shopping” by Johan Lagerlöf
Discussant: Tore Nilssen (tore.nilssen@econ.uio.no)

“Personalized pricing disables rivals to soften competition” by Øystein Foros, Hans Jarle Kind and Mai Nguyen-Ones
Discussant: Daniel Bougt (daniel.bougt@nek.uu.se)




A(u)ctions (room Ragnar)

  “Endogenous learning from incremental actions” by Julia Salmi, Tuomas Laiho and Pauli Murto
Discussant: Teis L. Lømo (teis.lomo@uib.no)

“Multi-product supply function equilibra” by Pär Holmberg, Keith Ruddell and Bert Willems
Discussant: Pauli Murto (pauli.murto@aalto.fi)

  “Ambiguity and sequential auctions - An empirical test” by Daniel Bougt
Discussant: Håvard M. Sandvik (havard.sandvik@uib.no)


Banking and audits (room Torsten)

  “The auditor, asymmetric information and dividend payout in small private firms” by Johannes Mauritzen
Discussant: Catarina Marvao (454698@dit.ie)

“Competition in local bank markets: risk taking and loan supply” by Chiara Canta, Øivind A. Nilsen and Simen A. Ulsaker
Discussant: Matilda Orth (matilda.orth@ifn.se)

  “Capital controls as a bargaining device: The case of Iceland” by Fridrik Mar Baldursson,  Richard Portes and Eirikur Elias Thorlaksson
Discussant: Øivind A. Nilsen (oivind.nilsen@nhh.no)




Energy markets (room Ragnar)

  “Cournot competition in wholesale electricity markets: The Nordic power exchange, Nord Pool” by Erik Lundin and Thomas Tangerås
Discussant: Frode Steen (frode.steen@nhh.no)
  “Price coordination with prior announcements in retail gasoline markets” by Mai Nguyen-Ones
Discussant: Richard Friberg (nerf@hhs.se)
  “The competitive effect of EU transparency reforms: Evidence from Nord Pool” by Ewa Lazarczyk and Chloé Le Coq
Discussant: Pär Holmberg (par.holmberg@ifn.se)

Performance of markets with scale returns (room Torsten)

  “Better or just bigger? Measuring productivity with heterogeneous dynamic enonomies of scale” by Shon M. Ferguson and Per Hjertstrand
Discussant: Morten Sæthre (morten.saethre@nhh.no)
  “Price effects of competition from parallel imports and therapeutic alternatives” by David Granlund
Discussant: Per Hjertstrand (per.hjertstrand@ifn.se)
  “Quality regulation and competition: Evidence from pharmaceutical markets” by Juan Pablo Atal, José Ignacio Cuesta and Morten Sæthre
Discussant: David Granlund (david.granlund@umu.se)




Platform contracts (room Ragnar)

  “Paywalls and the demand for online news” by Frode Skjeret, Frode Steen and Timothy G.A Wyndham
Discussant: Geert van Moer (geert.vanmoer@hanken.fi)
  “Platform contracting with developers” by Anette Boom and Wolfgang Gick
Discussant: Øystein Foros (oystein.foros@nhh.no)

Welfare markets and procurement (room Torsten)

  “Competitive Neutrality and the Cost and Quality of Welfare Services ” by Johan Stennek
Discussant: Thomas Tangerås (thomas.tangeras@ifn.se)
  “Anatomy of public procurement” by Jan Jääskeläinen and Janne Tukiainen
Discussant: Mats Bergman (mats.bergman@sh.se)



--- Tuesday June 11 ---


KEYNOTE SPEECH (room Ragnar)


"Procurement of Innovation: Design, Rationale and Impact" by Elisabetta Iossa




Structure of competition (room Ragnar)

  “Survival rate of legal cartel members: The case of Sweden” by Chloé Le Coq and Catarina Marvao
Discussant: Jan Jääskeläinen (jan.jaaskelainen@aalto.fi)
  “Product variety with competitive retail bottlenecks” by Teis L. Lømo, Frode Meland and Håvard M. Sandvik
Discussant: Johan Lagerlöf (johan.lagerlof@econ.ku.dk)

“Merger remedies, incomplete information, and commitment” by Bjørn Olav Johansen and Tore Nilssen
Discussant: Johan Stennek (johan.stennek@economics.gu.se)


Vertical structure and competition (room Torsten)

  “Can the input supplier credibly compete downstream?” by Geert van Moer
Discussant: Øyvind Thomassen (oyvind.thomassen@gmail.com)

“Upstream pricing pressure” by Bjørn Olav Johansen and Teis Lunde Lømo
Discussant: Giancarlo Spagnolo (spagnologianca@gmail.com)

  “Upstream partnerships and mergers when size matters” by Malin Arve, Øystein Foros and Hans Jarle Kind
Discussant: Anette Boom (ab.eco@cbs.dk)




Retailing (room Ragnar)

  “Cross-category pricing: A discrete-continuous model of supermarket and beer choice” by Martin O'Connell, Howard Smith and Øyvind Thomassen
Discussant: Florin Maican (maicanfg@gmail.com)
  “Entry regulations, product variety, and productivity in retail” by Florin Maican and Matilda Orth
Discussant: Mai Nguyen-Ones (mai.nguyen@nhh.no)
  “Hump-shaped cross-price effects and the extensive margin in cross-border shopping” by Richard Friberg, Frode Steen and Simen Ulsaker
Discussant: Johannes Maurtizen (johannes.mauritzen@bi.no)

Certification (room Torsten)

  “The optimal certifier when firms enter and invest” by Jacopo Bizzotto and Bård Harstad
Discussant: Shon Ferguson (shon.ferguson@ifn.se)
  “Certification, reputation and entry: An empirical analysis” by Xiang Huiy, Maryam Saeedi, Giancarlo Spagnolo and Steve Tadelis
Discussant: Erik Lundin (erik.lundin@ifn.se)
  “Equilibrium Selection in Hawk-Dove games” by Mario Blasquez de Paz
Discussant: Jacopo Bizzotto (jacopobi@oslomet.no)



Leading Research Environment

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The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, is a private and independent foundation devoted to pursuing highly relevant research for trade and industry.

The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that economic methods offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

The main research programs are:

  1. economics of entrepreneurship
  2. globalization and corporate restructuring
  3. economics of the service sector
  4. economics of the electricity markets
  5. economics of institutions and culture.

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