Past Public Activities

Past Public Activities 2018

IFN organizes seminars open to the public. Topics for these are derived from the IFN research. The audience is typically comprised of senior decision makers, experts, and opinion leaders in relevant disciplines.


How should more people enter the labor market?

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Together with the publisher Dialogos, IFN arranged a seminar about the book “How should more people enter the labor market? (Hur ska fler komma in på arbetsmarknaden?). Professor Lars Calmfors, who is one of the authors of the book, was interviewed by the journalist Cecilia Garme. The interview revolved mainly around problems of integrating foreign-born individuals in the Swedish labor market. “Employment rates are lower for foreign-born individuals”, said Calmfors. He explained that there is a need for more simple jobs with lower wages.


Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics (NICE)

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August 17-18 IFN hosted the inaugural conference of the Nordic Initiative for Corporate Economics (NICE). NICE will organize a series of conferences to bring together leading scholars located in the Nordic countries or with Nordic. Uniting the researchers is their interest in understanding the corporation, whether this may be from the perspective of accounting, corporate finance, trade economics, labor economics, or industrial organization. 


Entrepreneurship and Innovation: past, present and future


Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) hosted an international conference on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: past, present and future”. The attending researchers came from Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany, UK and Canada. The topics included discussions on how entrepreneurial and innovative activity are determined by institutional settings and how they affect society through interactions with the political process, financial markets, labor markets, and product markets.



Engaged debate about the quality of home care – and how to measure


A knowledgeable panel and a dedicated audience participated on Thursday in a seminar organized by IFN on the topic of home care of elderly. With the help of new digitally collected data, IFN researchers have compared the quality and productivity of home care. It varies a lot between different units, explained Henrik Jordahl, IFN. The researchers have also studied LOV (a standardized model of choice and competition) and seen that the elderly are more satisfied with the home care when a municipality apply LOV. The panel discussed these and other issues. The panel included, in addition to Henrik Jordahl: Camilla Aho, Attendo, Veronica Magnusson, Vision, Annika Wallenskog, SKL, and Ulrika Winblad, Uppsala University.


Awarded for findings about the importance of networks


On Monday, Olav Sorenson, Professor at Yale School of Management, received the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2018. The prize was presented by Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research. Sorenson was awarded the prize for increasing the understanding of the notion that entrepreneurial activity and innovation are strongly embedded in socially and spatially bounded relationships. Global Award is the world-leading prize in entrepreneurship research with a prize of 100,000 euros.


Great interest in research on employment protection legislation

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IFN arranged a well-attended seminar on research on the seniority rules in the employment protection legaislation (Las). Per Skedinger and Martin Olsson, IFN presented a report and an article has also been published in the same subject in Economic Debate. They found, among other things, that the so-called two-round increase increases staff turnover, acts as a growth barrier, increases productivity and reduces the absence of the companies in question, with a maximum of 10 employees. In a subsequent panel, Per Skedinger, IFN, Carin Ulander-Wänman, Umeå University, Mikael Sandström, TCO, Thomas Carlén, LO, and Martin Ådahl, Center Party. Willy Silberstein was the moderator.


How the EU might foster unity – EEAG Report on the European Economy 2018

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The EEAG-report 2018 in general and in particular a chapter titled “It’s ok to be different: Policy coordination and economic convergence” was presented at a seminar in Stockholm by Professor Clemens Fuest, CESifo, Munich. This was followed by a discussion about the future of the EU. Katarina Areskough Mascarenhas, Head of the European Commission Representation in Stockholm, and Professor Lars Calmfors, IFN and Professor Emeritus at Stockholm University, participated in the panel discussion which was moderated by Thomas Gür, writer and entrepreneur.

Leading Research Environment

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The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, is a private and independent foundation devoted to pursuing highly relevant research for trade and industry.

The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that economic methods offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

The main research programs are:

  1. economics of entrepreneurship
  2. globalization and corporate restructuring
  3. economics of the service sector
  4. economics of the electricity markets
  5. economics of institutions and culture.

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