June 2007, Norio

General information

How to go to Villa Källhagen

To get to Villa Källhagen from the airport, you can take the Airport shuttle or Arlanda Express, both of whom terminate at Stockholm central. From thereon, either jump on bus 69 from "Klarabergsviadukten", it stops outside Villa Källhagen, or catch a taxi. Naturally, you can also take a taxi all the way. The taxi fare is about 450 SEK, whereas Arlanda Express lands at 260 SEK.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses (an economy class flight) and accommodation (31 May - 3 June) will be provided for presenters of papers included in the program.

Please send your invoice together with the receipts and your bank details (name, address, SWIFT code (IBIC), account number, IBAN or similar) to:

Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Att: Elisabeth Gustafsson 
P.O. Box 55665
SE-102 15 Stockholm

Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Grevgatan 34 - 2 fl, Box 55665, SE-102 15 Stockholm, Sweden | Phone: +46-(0)8-665 45 00 | info@ifn.se