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Beyond the resource constraint: Alternative ways to improve schooling

IFN Conference in Vaxholm 28–29 May 2009


A well functioning schooling system is important for a number of reasons; for example, schooling is an input in the accumulation human capital, economic well-being and growth. The Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) is organizing an international two-day conference of alternative ways to improve schooling.

International comparisons of educational attainment give at hand that there can be substantial differences in schooling outcomes across seemingly similar countries. It is difficult to draw general lessons from these comparisons though, apart from that additional resources need not be the only magical formula. There is therefore a need for empirical evidence on which to base sound policy. Over the years, economists have made important contributions to the analysis of educational policy, and the objective of the conference is to assemble leading international researchers in the economics of education to discuss recent developments as well as methodological issues. Topics that will be covered in the discussions include school accountability, student-teacher matching, teacher training, compensation and recruitment, grading systems and grading standards, student testing, teaching methods, and school management practices.

We would kindly ask you to send us the title of the paper you will present at the conference as soon as possible. Note that we need the full paper by May 14 to ensure constructive discussions.

We would also like to remind you to inform us about your arrival and departure dates (including flight numbers) no later than April 14, so that we can make hotel reservations and coordinate transfers from the airport to the conference venue. For participants arriving on May 27 we will arrange an informal pre-conference dinner. Please also inform us about diet restrictions or any other special requests. Send your travel information to Elisabeth Gustafsson,


The conference is hosted by IFN and organized by Erik Grönqvist (IFAU), Henrik Jordahl, (IFN), Mikael Lindahl, (Uppsala University), Jonas Vlachos (Stockholm University, IFN), with financial support from the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation and the Tore Browaldh Foundation.


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