May 2009, Schooling


Beyond the resource constraint: Alternative ways to improve schooling, May 28-29 2009

Anders Böhlmark, SOFI, D C

Derk de Beer, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL)

Monique de Haan, University of Amsterdam, P

Karin Edmark, IFAU, P

Erika Ekström, Minstry of Education and Research

David Figlio, Northwestern University, P

Peter Fredriksson, IFAU, D

Erik Grönqvist, IFAU, O D C

Elisabeth Gustafsson, IFN, O

Iftikhar Hussain, Oxford University, P

Juanna Joensen, Stockholm School of Economics, D

Henrik Jordahl, IFN, O D

Stefanie Lehmann, Bonn Graduate School of Economics and London School of Economics, P

Andrew Leigh, Australian National University, P D

Mikael Lindahl, Uppsala University, O D

Sandra McNally, London School of Economics, P

Derek Neal, University of Chicago, P

Oskar Nordström-Skans, IFAU, C

Kjell Nyman, Ministry of Education and Research

Björn Öckert, IFAU, D

Hessel Oosterbeek, Free University Amsterdam, D C

Tuomas Pekkarinen, Helsinki School of Economics, D

Jonah Rockoff, Columbia University, P D

Anna Sjögren, IFAU & IFN, P

Helena Svaleryd, IFN, D

Jonas Vlachos, Stockholm University & IFN, O P

Ludger Woessmann, Ifo Institute for Economic Research, P


O = Organizer; P = Presenter; D = Discussant; C = Co-author


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