May 2009, Schooling


Beyond the Resource Constraint:
Alternative Ways to Improve Schooling

Updated May 27, 2009

The program is subject to changes.

The presenter is in bold. Each presentation should take 35 minutes, the discussant may use 10 minutes and 5 minutes are devoted to general discussion.



--- Wednesday May 27 --- 

19.30 Pre Conference Dinner, Waxholm's Hotel, for conference participants arriving on Wednesday 


--- Thursday May 28 --- 




Welcome address


Session I

Chair: Henrik Jordahl


Anna Sjögren – Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) and Institute for Labor Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU)
The Long Run Consequences of Being Graded in Elementary School 
Discussant: Erik Grönqvist – IFAU


Jonah Rockoff – Columbia University
Information and Employee Evaluation: Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in Public Schools (co-authors: Douglas Staiger, Thomas Kane and Eric Taylor)
Discussant: Tuomas Pekkarinen – Helsinki School of Economics




Jonas Vlachos – Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) and Stockholm University
The Headmaster Ritual (co-authors: Anders Böhlmark and Erik Grönqvist)
Discussant: Andrew Leigh – Australian National University



Session II

Chair: Jonas Vlachos 


Iftikhar Hussain – University of Oxford
School Quality, School Choice and the Teacher Labour Market: Evidence From a Novel Disclosure Regime
Discussant: Henrik Jordahl – Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)


Monique de Haan – University of Amsterdam
School Choice and Pupil Outcomes: Evidence from Dutch Reform Data (co-authors: Hessel Oosterbeek and Edwin Leuven)
Discussant: Juanna Joensen – Stockholm School of Economics




David Figlio – Northwestern University
School Accountability and the Teacher Mobility (co-authors: Li Feng and Tim Sass)
Discussant: Mikael Lindahl – Uppsala University


Derek Neal – University of Chicago
Pay for Percentile (co-author: Gadi Barlevy) 
Discussant: Peter Fredriksson – Institute for Labor Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU)

17.40–18:30 Before dinner run (optional)
18.45–22.00 Boat trip with dinner


--- Friday May 29 --- 


Session III

Chair: Erik Grönqvist   


Andrew Leigh – Australian National University
Teacher Pay and Teacher Aptitude 
Discussant: Jonah Rockoff – Columbia University


Ludger Woessmann – University of Munich
The Signaling Value of Central School Exams (co-authors: Guido Schwerdt)
Discussant: Helena Svaleryd – Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)


Coffee – Remember to check out 


Sandra McNally – London School of Economics
The Three Rs: What Scope is There for Literacy and Numeracy Policies to Raise Pupil Achievement? (co-author: Stephen Machin) 
Discussant: Björn Öckert – Institute for Labor Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU)



Session IV

Chair: Mikael Lindahl


Karin Edmark – IFAU
The Causal Effects of High School Tracks on Cognitive Skills, Educational Attainment, and Labor Market Outcomes (co-author: Oskar Nordström-Skans) 
Discussant: Hessel Oosterbeek – Free University Amsterdam


Stefanie Lehmann – Bonn Graduate School of Economics and London School of Economics 
How Do Teachers Respond to Incentive Schemes? Findings from a Laboratory Experiment
Discussant: Anders Böhlmark – SOFI, Stockholm University


Coffee Summing up and closing of the conference


Leading Research Environment

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The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that economic methods offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

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