2020 – The Economics of Culture and Institutions

Preliminary Program

IFN Stockholm Conference on

The Economics of Institutions and Culture

Vaxholm, 10–12 June, 2020


Updated 7 January, 2020

Each presentation should take 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of general discussion. Paper titles are preliminary and can change until the final program is announced.


Wednesday 10 June 


19:00 Opening dinner

At the restaurant of Waxholms Hotell (the conference venue)


Thursday 11 June


Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

8:45–8:55 Registration

8:55–9:00 Welcome



Chair: Therese Nilsson

09:00–09:20 Presentation by André van Hoorn: "The Economic Consequences of Intra-Individual Cultural Identity Change: A Longitudinal Analysis"

09:20–09:30 Discussion

9:30–09:50 Presentation by Lina Aldén: "Culture and the Gender Gap in STEM: An Analysis Using Sibling Comparisons"

09:50–10:00 Discussion

10:00–10:30 Coffee



Chair: Niclas Berggren

10:30–10:50 Presentation by Paola Profeta: "Culture and Intergenerational Welfare Programs"

10:50–11:00 Discussion

11:00–11:20 Presentation by Jan Mewes: "Breaking Social Capital? Targeting Welfare Programs and the Dynamics of Social Trust in European Countries, 2002–2016"

11:20–11:30 Discussion

11:30–11:50 Presentation by Martin Ljunge: "The Effects of a Populist Information Shock on Attitudes toward Globalization, Immigration, and the Government"

11:50–12:00 Discussion


12:00–13:15 Lunch in the hotel restaurant



Chair: Ann-Sofie Isaksson

13:15–13:35 Presentation by Pierre-Guillaume Méon: "A Positive Effect of Political Dynasties: the Case of France’s 1940 Enabling Act"

13:35–13:45 Discussion

13:45–14:05 Presentation by Mariko Klasing: "The Role of Economic Opportunities in the Intergenerational Transmission of Preferences and Attitudes: Empirical Evidence from the German Re-Unification"

14:05–14:15 Discussion

14:15–14:35 Presentation by Andreas Bergh: "Can Trust Surveys Be Trusted?"

14:35–14:45 Discussion

14:45–15:15 Coffee 



Chair: Christian Bjørnskov

15:15–15:35 Presentation by Eelke de Jong: "Market Economies: Uncertainty-Accepting Societies"

15:35–15:45 Discussion

15:45–16:05 Presentation by Gunes Gokman: "The Imperial Roots of Global Trade"

16:05–16:15 Discussion

16:15-16:35 Presentation by Andreas Ek: "Cultural Values and Productivity"

16:35–16:45 Discussion


18:45–22:00 Dinner during a boat trip in the archipelago


Friday 12 June


Breakfast at the hotel restaurant



Chair: Martin Ljunge

09:00–09:20 Presentation by Jerg Gutmann: "Opposing One’s Government: Are There Cultures of Civil Disobedience?"

09:20–09:30 Discussion

09:30–09:50 Presentation by Heather Congdon Fors: "Historical Roots of Attitudes towards Homosexuality in SSA"

09:50–10:00 Discussion

10:00-10:20 Presentation by Joan Costa-Font: "Did Communist Education Make a Difference?"

10:20–10:30 Discussion

10:30–11:00 Coffee



Chair: Andreas Bergh

11:00–11:20 Presentation by Christian Bjørnskov: "Does Effective Protection of the Right to Free Speech Create or Constrain Conflict?"

11:20–11:30 Discussion

11:30–11:50 Presentation by Pierre-Louis Vézina: "Enemies of the People"

11:50–12:00 Discussion


12:00–13:15 Lunch in the hotel restaurant



Chair: Jerg Gutmann

13:15–13:35 Presentation by Erwin Dekker: "The Innovation Commons and the Emergence of Hip-Hop Culture"

13:35–13:45 Discussion

13:45–14:05 Presentation by Ann-Sofie Isaksson: "Why Do Harmful Norms Persist? The Case of Female Genital Cutting in Sub-Saharan Africa"

14:05–14:15 Discussion

14:15–14:35 Presentation by Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson: "Economic Freedom and Antisemitism"

14:35–14:45 Discussion

14:45 End of conference


14:55 Taxi to Stockholm-Arlanda airport (for those who fly back on Friday 12 June; ask the reception to book in advance; coordination is encouraged)


14:55 Boat trip to Stockholm for those who will stay in or travel onwards from Stockholm


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