2014 – The Performance of Electricity Markets

IFN Stockholm Conference on

The Performance of Electricity Markets

Updated June 11, 2014

Each presentation should take 30 minutes, the discussant may use 5 minutes and 10 minutes are devoted to general discussion. 



--- Wednesday June 11 --- 


19.00 Pre Conference Dinner

Waxholm's Hotel, for conference participants arriving on Wednesday


--- Thursday June 12 --- 


08.30–08.45  Registration

08.45–09.00  Welcome address

Session I

09.00–09.45  Using information to improve the effectiveness of nonlinear pricing: Evidence from a field experiment

Presenter: Frank A. Wolak – Stanford U
Discussant: Sven-Olof Fridolfsson – Swedish Competition Authority

09.45–10.15: Cross-ownership and nuclear production in the Nordic electricity market

Presenter: Erik Lundin (presentation)
Discussant: Matti Liski

10.15–10.45 Forward market integration

Presenter: Thomas Tangerås
Discussant: Thomas-Olivier-Léautier

10.45–11.15  Coffee

11.15–12.00  Will carbon prices reduce emissions in the US electricity industry? Evidence from the shale gas experience

Presenter: Erin Mansur - Dartmouth College
Discussant: Ewa Lazarczyk

12.00–12.45  Optimal regulation of network expansion

Presenter: Bert Willems – Tilburg U
Discussant: Thomas Tangerås

12.45–14.00  Lunch

Session II

14.00–14.30 Pro-competitive rationing in multi-unit auctions

Presenter: Pär Holmberg
Discussant: Richard Green

14.30–15.00 Private and public information on the Nordic intra-day electricity market

Presenter: Ewa Lazarczyk
Discussant: Frank A. Wolak

15.00–15.45  A green European electricity market: The role of cross-border trade

Presenter: Richard Green – Imperial College
Discussant: Erik Lundin

15.45–16.15  Coffee

16.15–17.00  Not so myopic consumers - Evidence on capitalization of energy technologies in a housing market

Presenter: Matti Liski – Aalto U
Discussant: Hunt Allcott

18.45–22.00  Boat trip with dinner


--- Friday June 13 --- 


Session III

09.15–10.00  How do electricity shortages affect productivity? Evidence from India

Presenter: Hunt Allcott - NYU
Discussant: Chloé LeCoq – Stockholm School of Economics

10.00–10.30 Strategic withholding through production failures

Presenter: Sara Fogelberg
Discussant: Erin Mansur

10.30–11.00 Effect of transmission constraints on a nodal price electricity market

Presenter: Mario Blazquez de Paz (presentation)
Discussant:Thomas Greve

11.00–11.30  Coffee (and check out from the hotel)

11.30–12.15  Economic thinking zones for future complex power systems 

Presenter: Thomas Greve – U Cambridge
Discussant: Nils-Henrik von der Fehr

12.15–13.30  Lunch


Session IV

13.30–14.15 The "demand side" effect of price caps: Uncertainty, imperfect competition and rationing
Presenter: Thomas-Olivier Léautier - TSE (presentation)
Discussant: Pär Holmberg

14.15–15.00  Intermittency, Flexibility and Market Design

Presenter: Nils-Henrik von der Fehr – U Oslo
Discussant: Bert Willems

15.00–15.15  Closing remarks

16.15–17.15  Boat trip to Stockholm and transfer to the hotel in Stockholm city for participants staying in Stockholm for the night/weekend.

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