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Culture, Institutions and Development

In recent years, research on the economic importance of formal institutions has been extended to incorporate how informal institutions and culture, such as morality, norms, religion, trust and tolerance, matter for economic development. It seems clear from a number of recent studies that factors of this kind can have substantial and long-lasting effects.

The field is rapidly developing, and more theoretical and empirical research is needed to advance our knowledge. Therefore, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) organizes this workshop to address questions of the following kind:

  • How do social, cultural and institutional factors affect important economic outcomes, such as incomes, economic growth and entrepreneurship? Are there differences between countries that have to do with development levels?

  • How are social, cultural and institutional factors determined? Are they, for example, affected by or are there interaction effects with formal institutions, policies or the welfare state?

  • How can the methodological approaches in this field be improved, for example to better identify causal effects?

This is an international two-day conference in a workshop format; it brings together top researchers in the field with an overarching objective to present and discuss the latest research, both theoretical and empirical. It takes place in Vaxholm outside of Stockholm, 11-12 June 2015. Financial support from Jan Wallander och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse and Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse is gratefully acknowledged.

Participation at the conference is by invitation only. The conference is organized within the framework of the IFN research program The Economics of Institutions and Culture. For more information, please contact the conference organizers through Niclas Berggren ( or Elisabeth Gustafsson (

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