2015 – Culture, Institutions and Development

IFN Stockholm Conference on

Culture, Institutions and Development

Stockholm, June 11–12, 2015


Updated 11 June, 2015

Each presentation should take 25 minutes, the discussant may use 10 minutes, and 5 minutes are devoted to general discussion.



Wednesday June 10 


19.00 Pre-conference dinner

Waxholm's Hotel, for conference participants arriving on Friday


Thursday June 11


08.30–08.45  Registration

08.45–09.00  Welcome address by Niclas Berggren on behalf of the organizing committee

Session I

Chair: Niclas Berggren

09.00–09.40  Paper title: "The Influence of Ancestral Lifeway on Individual Economic Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Presenter: Louis Putterman
Discussant: Hans Pitlik

09.40–10.20: Paper title: "How Social Networks Shape Our Beliefs: A Natural Experiment among Future French Politicians"
Presenter: Yves Zenou
Discussant: Enrico Spolaore

10.20–10.50 Coffee

10.50-11.30 Paper title: "Germs, Social Networks and Growth"
Presenter: Alessandra Fogli
Discussant: Niclas Berggren

11.30-12.10 Paper title: "From Gutenberg to Google: 1500 AD Communications Technology Predicts Internet Adoption"
Presenter: Martin Ljunge
Discussant: Jeffrey Butler

12.10-12.50 Paper title: "Individualistic Values, Institutional Trust, and Interventionist Attitudes"
Presenter: Hans Pitlik
Discussant: Alberto Bisin

12.50–14.00  Lunch


Session II

Chair: Niclas Berggren

14.00–14.40 Paper title: "Fertility and Modernity"
Presenter: Enrico Spolaore
Discussant: Christian Bjørnskov

14.40–15.20 Paper title: "Democracy, Dictatorship and the Cultural Transmission of Political Values"
Presenter: Thierry Verdier
Discussant: Luigi Guiso

15.20-15.50 Coffee

15.50–16.30 Paper title: "Cooperation in a Peer Production Economy: Experimental Evidence from Wikipedia"
Presenter: Yann Algan
Discussant: Martin Ljunge

16.30–17.10 Paper title: "Culture and Intergenerational Social Mobility"
Presenter: Paola Sapienza
Discussant: Therese Nilsson

17.10-17.50 Paper title: "Higher Intelligence Groups Have Higher Cooperation Rates in the Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma"
Presenter: Eugenio Proto
Discussant: Louis Putterman

18.30 Meet on the staircase outside the entrance door for group photo

18.45–22.00  Dinner and short speach by Magnus Henrekson onboard S/S Gustav III


Friday June 12 


Session III

Chair: Paola Sapienza

09.00–09.40 Paper title: "Adam Smith vs Jeffrey Sachs: Can Social Norms in Rich Countries Explain Why Other Countries Remain Poor?"
Presenter: Andreas Bergh
Discussant: Claudia Williamson

09.40–10.20 Paper title: "Institutional Shocks and Economic Crises"
Presenter: Christian Bjørnskov
Discussant: Yann Algan

10.20–10.50 Coffee (and check-out from the hotel)

10.50–11.30 Paper title: "Cultural Differences and Institutional Integration"
Presenter: Luigi Guiso
Discussant: Assar Lindbeck

11.30-12.10 Paper title: "On the Joint Evolution of Culture and Institutions"
Presenter: Alberto Bisin
Discussant: Yves Zenou

12.10–13.20  Lunch


Session IV

Chair: Thierry Verdier

13.20–14.00 Paper title: "National Culture and the Regulation of Corporate Self-Dealing"
Presenter: Claudia Williamson
Discussant: Alessandra Fogli

14.00–14.40 Paper title: "Social Identity and Punishment"
Presenter: Jeffrey Butler
Discussant: Andreas Bergh

14.40–14.50  Closing remarks

15.00–16.15  xxx (Boat trip to Stockholm and transfer to the hotel in Stockholm city for participants staying in Stockholm for the night/weekend; taxi to the airport for others)


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