2013 – Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance


IFN Stockholm Conference on


Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance


Updated June 10, 2013

Each presentation should take 20 minutes, the discussant may use 5 minutes and 20 minutes are devoted to general discussion. 



--- Wednesday June 12 --- 


19.00 Pre Conference Dinner

Waxholm's Hotel, for conference participants arriving on Wednesday


--- Thursday June 13 --- 


08.30–08.45  Registration

08.45–09.00  Welcome address

Session I


09.00–09.45  Regulating Deferred Incentive Pay
Presenter: Roman Inderst
Discussant: Thomas Tangerås

09.45–10.30  Buying to Sell: Private Equity Buyouts and Industrial Restructuring
Presenter: Lars Persson 
Discussant: Roman Inderst

10.30–11.00  Coffee

11.00–11.45  Credit Ratings and Security Design
Presenter: Joel Shapiro
Discussant: Rune Stenbacka

11.45–12.30  Why Entrepreneurs Choose Risky R&D Projects – But Still Not Risky Enough
Presenter: Pehr-Johan Norbäck 
Discussant: Jens Josephson

12.30–13.45  Lunch

Session II

13.45–14.30  Transparency, Tax Pressure and Access to Finance
Presenter: Fausto Panunzi 
Discussant: Mikaela Carlström

14.30–15.15  The Tax Shield of Debt Distorts the Market for Corporate Control
Presenter: Joacim Tåg
Discussant:  Fausto Panunzi

15.15–15.45  Coffee

15.45–16.30  The Incentives for Vertical Mergers and Vertical Integration
Presenter: Gordon Phillips 
Discussant:  Giacinta Cestone

16.30–17.15 General discussion: The State of the Field "Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance"
Chair: Lars Persson and Joacim Tåg

18.45–22.00  Boat trip with dinner


--- Friday June 14 --- 


Session III

09.00–09.45  Strategic Supply Chain Financing
Presenter: Frans Saxen 
Discussant: Nadav Levy

09.45–10.30 Partial Vertical Integration, Ownership Structure and Foreclosure
Presenter: Nadav Levy 
Discussant: Albert Banal-Estañol

10.30–11.00  Coffee (and check out from the hotel)

11.00–11.45  Insolvency Resolution and the Missing High Yield Bond Markets
Presenter: Jens Josephson 
Discussant: Frans Saxen

11.45–12.30  Screening-based Competition
Presenter: Rune Stenbacka 
Discussant: Yossi Spiegel

12.30–13.45  Lunch

Session IV

13.45–14.30  Backward integration, forward integration, and vertical foreclosure
Presenter: Yossi Spiegel
Discussant: Joel Shapiro

14.30–15.15  The Simple Economics of Capital Structure, Corporate Structure, and Information Policy
Presenter: Albert Banal-Estañol 
Discussant: Gordon Phillips

15.15–15.30  Closing remarks

16.15–17.15  Boat trip to Stockholm and transfer to Hotel Terminus for participants staying in Stockholm for the night/weekend.

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