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„Ég gerði öllum ljóst að það var mjög rangt að gera þetta“

2020-06-11 Kjarninn

Lars Calmfors, IFN, is interviewed by the Icelandic newspaper Kjarninn on a political controversy. Lars Calmfors is one to the editors of the Nordic Economic Policy Review. When his successor was to be appointed, the well-known Icelandic scholar Thorvaldur Gylfason was suggested. However, the Icelandic Ministry of Finance opposed this appointment. Thorvaldur Gylafson is known to be an outspoken critic of previous Icelandic policies, that according to him, contributed to creating the Financial Crisis.

Lars Calmfors is very critical of the actions of the Icelandic Ministry of Finance:

"Lars Calmfors, a Swedish economics professor who was the editor of the NEPR scholarly journal, objected to the attitude of the Icelandic Ministry of Finance to Thorvald Gylfason. He says political arguments should have no bearing on the position." ( Translation from Icelandic)

Read the article here ( in Icelandic)


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