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17 juni 2019 - Boyan Jovanovic, the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2019

In this podcast Boyan Jovanovic, the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2019, reveals what he will do with the prize money and that he every year goes back to his birth country Serbia to teach a masters class in finance. He speaks about entrepreneurhip in Sweden and that the welfare state provides a safety net for risk takers.  “This will encourage risk taking among those with access to funds”, he remarks. Adding that – in a Swedish context –  “to develop some ideas you need creativity and experience and much more, and existing companies may have that. So maybe it is not such a bad thing that when an idea has been developed the business is sold.”

21 May 2018 – To cluster or not to cluster, that is the question

Olav Sorenson, winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2018, grew up in a small town in South Dakota and set out wanting to be a consultant. Today he is professor at Yale School of Management and has in his research shown how important social networks are to entrepreneurship. In this podcast he reveals what he would wish for if he was granted a wish that would be fulfilled during his lifetime.

19 May 2017 – How property rights can eradicate poverty!

Former US President Bill Clinton has described Hernando de Soto as “the world’s most important living economist.” Mr. de Soto visited Sweden in May 2017 to receive the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research. In this pod he takes the listeners into the world where he grew up and tells us why he returned to Peru to start his today renowned think tank the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD).  And he explains how property rights can eradicate poverty!

11 May 2016 – Entrepreneurs are essential for economic growth

On May 10 Professor Philippe Aghion, Collège de France, received the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2016. Global Award is the most prominent international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of € 100 000. Professor Aghion is one of today’s most influential researchers in the field of economics. In this interview he talks about entrepreneurship and economic growth, why higher education is so important for prosperity, and how the state can best promote entrepreneurship, etcetera.

24 June 2015 – Immigration & job opportunities

The former Swedish Government launched Etableringsreformen, stipulating that refugees be placed in municipalities where there are job opportunities. Özge Öner and Johan Wennström, IFN, have analyzed where new arrivals are placed and find that it is in municipalities with a declining population and high unemployment – in other words where the conditions for job growth is weak. These findings and more are discussed in this podcast.  

In addition, read about the research in Ekonomisk Debatt 4/2015.

2 June 2015 – A tribute to the entrepreneur

The 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research was awarded to Professor Emeritus Sidney G. Winter, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, at a ceremony in Stockholm on May 20, 2015.  Prior to the ceremony Sidney Winter sat down with IFN-podcasts and answered questions about his research and what enticed him to go into research about entrepreneurship.

28 May 2015 - GDP is not enough – Or how to measure life

Diane Coyle, professor at the University of Manchester with a PhD in economics from Harvard, is one of the internationally renowned scholars in the debate on how we best define and measure national economies. She has authored a number of books, the latest one titled GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History (Princeton University Press). The book explains why even small changes in GDP can influence major political decisions and determine whether countries can keep borrowing or be thrown into recession. Coyle makes the case that GDP was a good measure for the twentieth century but is increasingly inappropriate for a twenty-first-century economy driven by innovation, services, and intangible goods.

In this podcast Diane Coyle gives a lecture telling the story about GDP and how we in today’s globalized world must make sure that we get a more truthful picture of long-term economic prospects, with the development of official statistics on national wealth in its broadest sense, including natural and human resources. 

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The European Union and the Return of the Nation State


This book explores the complex and ever-changing relationship between the European Union and its member states. The recent surge in tension in this relationship has been prompted by the actions of some member state governments as they question fundamental EU values and principles and refuse to implement common decisions seemingly on the basis of narrowly defined national interests.

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