Affiliated researchers

Ewa Lazarczyk

Assistant Professor

Among the questions that Ewa Lazarczyk tries to answer with her research:

  • How is market specific news affecting electricity prices, trade frequency and traded volume?
  • Are there risk premia on short time electricity markets? What are their characteristics? How can these be explained?
  • What is the best way to price congestion in an integrated European electricity market?


New research

Electric Vehicles Rollout: Two Case Studies Fridrik M. Baldursson, Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr and Ewa Lazarczyk

Published articles

Baldursson, Fridrik Mar, Ewa Lazarczyk, Marten Ovaere and Stef Proost, 2016. Cross-border Exchange and Sharing of Generation Reserve Capacity. IAEE Energy Forum. July.

Baldursson, Fridrik Mar, Ewa Lazarczyk, Marten Ovaere and Stef Proost, 2016. Multi-TSO system reliability: Cross-border balancing. IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON).

Baldursson, Fridrik Mar, Julia Bellenbaum, Ewa Lazarczyk, Lenja Niesen and Christoph Weber, 2016. Optimal reliability and reserve provision in electricity markets with increasing shares of renewable energy sources – analytical insights. IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON).

Lazarczyk, Ewa, 2016, Market-specific news and its impact on forward premia on electricity markets. Energy Economics. 54. February. pp. 326–336.

Holmberg, Pär, and Ewa Lazarczyk, 2015. Congestion Management in Electricity Networks: Nodal, Zonal and Discriminatory Pricing. Energy Journal 36(2). Pp. 145–166


Working Papers

Fogelberg, Sara and Ewa Lazarczyk, 2015, Wind Power Volatility and the Impact on Failure Rates in the Nordic Electricity Market, IFN Working Paper 1065.

Lazarczyk, Ewa, 2015, Private and Public Information on the Nordic Intra-Day Electricity Market, IFN Working Paper 1064.

Fogelberg, Sara and Ewa Lazarczyk, 2014, Strategic withholding through production failures, IFN Working Paper 1015.

Holmberg, Pär and Ewa Lazarczyk, 2012, Congestion Management in Electricity Networks: Nodal, Zonal and Discriminatory Pricing, IFN Working Paper No. 915.

Ewa Lazarczyk



Ewa Lazarczyk received her doctorate in economics in 2014 from The Stockholm School of Economics. The title of her thesis was “Essays on Electricity Markets: Information and Trading”. Ewa is a part of IFN’s group The Economics of Electricity Markets. She has a double Master Degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems from Warsaw School of Economics, and a CEMS Master in International Management Program. Since April 1, 2015, Ewa is working at the School of Business at Reykjavik University.


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