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Karin Edmark

Associate Professor

Among the questions that Karin Edmark tries to answer with her research:

  • How will free school choice affect student performance?
  • What factors affect the location decisions of indpendent schools?
  • What factors affect students' choice of school?


New research

The Impact of Attending an Independent Upper Secondary School: Evidence from Sweden Using School Ranking Data Karin Edmark and Lovisa Persson

Karin Edmark defended her thesis "Strategic Interactions among Swedish Local Governments" at Uppsala University in 2007. Her research is mainly empirically oriented, and within the areas of economics of education and public economics.

In the area of public economics Karin Edmark has studied which factors affect municipality decision making; for example whether municipalities take strategic considerations when they decide on taxes and expenditures.

Karin Edmark’s current research projects study the effects on choice and competition within the educational sector, and taxes and entrepreneurship.


"Sweden's school choice reforms and equality of opportunity", (co-authors: Markus Frölich and Verena Wondratschek), Labour Economics, 30,129-142, 2014.

"The Short- and Long-term Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes - Evidence from a School Choice Reform in Sweden", (co-authors: Verena Wondratschek and Markus Frölich), Annals of Economics and Statistics, 111-112:71-102, 2013.

"The choice of organizational form by closely-held firms in Sweden: tax versus non-tax determinants ", (co-author: Roger Gordon), Industrial and Corporate Change, 22:219-243, 2013. Downloadable WP-version: "Taxes and the Choice of Organizational form of Entrepreneurs in Sweden"

"Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution", (with Matz Dahlberg and Heléne Lundqvist), Journal of Political Economy, 2012, 120(1):41-76. Downloadable WP-version: "Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution"

"Migration Effects of Welfare Reform", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2009, 111(3):511–526. Downloadable WP-version: "Effects of Work reqirements on Welfare Migration"

"Is there a "Race-to-the-Bottom" in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels? Evidence from a Policy Intervention" (with Matz Dahlberg), Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92:1193–1209. Downloadable WP-version:"Is there a "Race-to-the-Bottom" in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels? Evidence from a Policy Intervention"

"Identifying Strategic Interactions in Swedish Local Income Tax Policies" (with Hanna Ågren), Journal of Urban Economics, 2008, 63(3):849–857. Downloadable WP-version: "Identifying Strategic Interactions in Swedish Local Income Tax Policies"

"Unemployment and Crime: Is There a Connection?", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2005, 107(2):353–373. Downloadable WP-version: "The Effects of Unemployment on Property Crime: Evidence from a Period of Unusually Large Swings in the Business Cycle"

"Strategic Interactions among Swedish Local Governments", Doctoral thesis, Uppsala Universitet, 2007.

Working papers

"Ethnic Heterogeneity and Preferences for Redistribution: Reply", co-authors: Matz Dahlberg and Heléne Lundqvist, Working Paper 955, The Research Institute for Industrial Economics.

"Is Welfare Dependency Inherited? Estimating the Causal Welfare Transmission Effects Using Swedish Sibling Data", (co-author: Kajsa Hanspers), Working paper 894, The Research Institute of Industrial Economics". Downloadable WP-version: "Is Welfare Dependency Inherited? Estimating the Causal Welfare Transmission Effects Using Swedish Sibling Data"

Fattigdom i folkhemmet - från socialbidrag till självförsörjning, (co-authors Matz Dahlberg, Jörgen Hansen and Eva Mörk), Working paper 2009:4, The Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (SNS välfärdsråds rapport 2008)

"Strategic Competition in Swedish Local Spending on Childcare, Schooling and Care for the Elderly", Working paper 2007:22, The Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation.

Swedish publications

"Arbetslöshetens effekter på brottsligheten", Ekonomisk Debatt, 2002:5

"Skattekonkurrerar svenska kommuner?", Ekonomisk Debatt, 2007:1

Fattigdom i folkhemmet – Från socialbidrag till självförsörjning, SNS Välfärdsråds rapport 2008, editor: Matz Dahlberg.




Karin Edmark


Mob : +46 73 399 0592


Karin Edmark received her doctorate in economics at Uppsala University in 2007, with a thesis on municipal decisions on taxes and spending. During 2010-15 she was employed as a researcher at the IFN. She has also been employed at the Institute for Labour Market and Education Policy Evaluation (IFAU), and has been a guest researcher at the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) and University of California at San Diego. Presently, Karin is active at the Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University, and is affiliated to IFN, CESIfo, IFAU and Uppsala center for Labour studies.


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