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Martin Andersson


Some questions that Martin Andersson tries to answer in his research:

  • How and why do cities and dense environments influence productivity and industrial dynamics?
  • What roles do large established firms and new young firms play in innovation and growth?
  • What explains the geography of economic growth and innovation?
  • From where do new high-growth and high-impact firms come?


New research

Ethnic Enclaves and Self-Employment among Middle Eastern Immigrants in Sweden – Ethnic Capital or Enclave Size? Martin Andersson, Johan P Larsson and Özge Öner

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Martin Andersson


Ph : +46 455 38 5657
Mob : +46 733 67 3867


Martin Andersson has a PhD in Economics from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) since 2007. His dissertation focused on the relationships between the internationalization of firms, technology and innovation. After completion of his PhD, he worked as research coordinator and project leader at the Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 2012, he was a recipient of the young researcher award in entrepreneurhsip for his research on the role of entrepreneurship in industrial dynamics and economic growth. In 2011 became full professor and research leader at CIRCLE, Lund University, and was deputy director of CIRCLE 2012–2015. Since January 2016 he is professor of industrial economics at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. Martin is part of the prize committee of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research and editor of Annals of Regional Science.

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The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, is a private and independent foundation devoted to pursuing highly relevant research for trade and industry.

The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that economic methods offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

The main research programs are:

  1. economics of entrepreneurship
  2. globalization and corporate restructuring
  3. economics of the service sector
  4. economics of the electricity markets
  5. economics of institutions and culture.

Global Award

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The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award, in cooperation with the donor, Lars Backsell.

Professor Boyan Jovanovic, New York University, is the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2019. 

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