Affiliated researchers

Richard Öhrvall


Among the questions that Richard Örhvall tries to answer with his research:

  • How equal is different types of political participation and how can we explain inequality in participation?

  • How is the habit of voting or not voting formed, and how does the context affect young people's propensity to vote in their first election?

  • How corrupt is a ”non-corrupt” country such as Sweden and do citizens trust their politicians and civil servants?

  • Is there a growing polarization between people in urban and rural places in terms of opinion, values, social trust, and political participation?


New research

Practice Makes Voters? Effects of Student Mock Elections on Turnout Richard Öhrvall and Sven Oskarsson

Richard Öhrvall's current research projects include studying electoral participation, corruption, social trust, and the effects of urbanisation.

Recent publications 

"Big brother sees you, but does he rule you? The relationship between birth order and political candidacy", (with Sven Oskarsson, Christopher T. Dawes and Karl-Oskar Lindgren), accepted, Journal of Politics.

"Birth Order and Voter Turnout" (with Bernt Bratsberg, Christopher T. Dawes, Andreas Kotsadam, Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson and Oddbjørn Raaum), British Journal of Political Science, Online first. Link

"Practice Makes Voters? Effects of Student Mock Elections on Turnout" (with Sven Oskarsson), Politics, 40(3),  377–393, 2020. Link

Growing into Voting: Election Turnout among Young People and Habit Formation.  PhD dissertation in Political Science, Linköping University, 2018. Link

"A sticky trait: Social trust among Swedish expatriates in countries with varying institutional quality" (with Andreas Bergh). Journal of Comparative Economics, 46(4), 1146–1157, 2018. Link 

"Issues on Transparency, Accountability, and Control in Hybrid organisations: The Case of Enterprises Owned by Local Government" (with Gissur Ó Erlingsson och Anna Thomasson), in Andrea Bonomi Savignon, Luca Gnan, Alessandro Hinna and Fabio Monteduro (eds.) Hybridity in the Governance and Delivery of Public Services, Emerald Publishing. 2018. Link

"More Politicians, More Corruption: Evidence from Swedish Municipalities" (med Andreas Bergh och Günter Fink). Public Choice, 172(3-4), 483–500, 2017. Link

A Clean House? – Studies of Corruption in Sweden (with Andreas Bergh, Gissur Ó Erlingsson and Mats Sjödon). Lund: Nordic Academic Press. 2016. Link

”Distrust in Utopia? Public Perceptions of Corruption and Political Support in Iceland Before and after the Financial Crisis in 2008” (with Gissur Ó. Erlingsson and Jonas Linde), Government and Opposition, 51(4): 553-579, 2016Link 


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Richard Öhrvall


Mob : +46 708 845 875


Richard Öhrvall is an associate senior lecturer at the Centre for Local Government Studies, Linköping University. He received his PhD in political science in 2018. He is an affiliated researcher at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN).


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