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Thomas Åstebro

Professor, L'Oreal Chair in Entrepreneurship

Subject areas:

Some of the questions Thomas Åstebro tries to answer in his research: 

  • Why do people become entrepreneurs?
  • How important is academic and student entrepreneurship?
  • What is the role of various cognitive biases in explaining entrepreneurial choices?
  • The importance of job creation by entrepreneurs
  • The value of Intelectual property rights


New research

The Impact of Overconfidence and Ambiguity Attitude on Market Entry Cédric Gutierrez, Thomas Åstebro and Tomasz Obloj

Thomas Åstebro is listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World, is among the top 1 percent most downloaded authors on www.ssrn, has made over 150 presentations, published over 30 academic journal articles, and has been mentioned in business media over 50 times (including The Economist, Business Week, The Times, and Wall Street Journal).

He is an Associate Editor of Management Science and Small Business Economics, and Advisory Editor of Industrial and Corporate Change, and Research Policy, and past Associate Editor of European Management Review. Thomas has also worked at University of Waterloo, University of Toronto and KULeuven, and have been a 4-time entrepreneur.

Thomas Åstebro


Ph : +33 1 39677483


Thomas Åstebro is the L’Oreal Chair of Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris; Academic Director, HEC On-line Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Academic Director, HEC Leadership Center; co-Director Entrepreneurship Track HEC MBA Program, and past member of the Steering committee Groupement de Recherche et d’Etudes en Gestion d’HEC (HEC Management Research Group) and the Steering and Curriculum committees, MBA Program at HEC.


Leading Research Environment

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The Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, is a private and independent foundation devoted to pursuing highly relevant research for trade and industry.

The researchers at IFN are united in their belief that economic methods offer a powerful tool for understanding society.

The main research programs are:

  1. economics of entrepreneurship
  2. globalization and corporate restructuring
  3. economics of the service sector
  4. economics of the electricity markets
  5. economics of institutions and culture.

Global Award

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The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award, in cooperation with the donor, Lars Backsell.

Professor Boyan Jovanovic, New York University, is the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2019. 

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