Yves Zenou

Course: Advanced Urban Economics

Lecture 1 

A non-technical presentation of land-use theory [PDF

Exercises [PDF] Answers [PDF]


DiPasquale, D. and W. Wheaton. Urban Economics and Real Estate Markets. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1996.

Lecture 2

The basic urban model with identical agents [PDF]


Brueckner, J., 1987, The Structure of Urban Equilibria: A Unified Treatment of the Muth-Mills Model, E.S. Mills (Ed.),

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, Vol. 2, Chap. 20, pp. 821-845. [PDF]

Fujita, M., 1989, Urban Economic Theory, Cambridge University Press.

Song, Y. and Y. Zenou (2006), Property tax and urban sprawl. Theory and implications for U.S. cities, Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming. [PDF]

Optimality of the equilibrium allocation and comparative statics of the urban model (same slides as in Lecture 2)

Exercise 1 [PDF] Answers [PDF]

Exercise 2 [PDF] Answers [PDF] 

Exercise 3 [PDF] Answers [PDF] 

Exercise 4 [PDFAnswers [PDF]

Exercise 5 [PDFAnswers [PDF]


Lecture 3

The basic urban model with heterogeneous agents [PDF]

Additional Readings:

Y. Zenou and L. Eeckhoudt (1997), Bid rents under unemployment risk: delayed versus timeless uncertainty, Journal of Urban Economics 42, 42-63. [PDF]

The basic urban model with heterogeneous agents (continued)


Exercise 1 [PDF] Answers [PDF]

Exercise 2 [PDF] Answers [PDF] 

Exercise 3 [PDF] Answers [PDF] 


Lecture 4

Duocentric cities [PDF]

Exercise 1 [PDF] Answers [PDF]

Lecture 5

Urban unemployment: Efficiency Wages [PDF


Zenou, Y., Smith, T.E. (1995), Efficiency wages, involuntary unemployment and urban spatial structure, Regional Science and Urban Economics 25, 547-573. [PDF]

Urban unemployment: Efficiency Wages (continued)

Urban unemployment: Job search and job matching [PDF]

Lecture 6

Rural-urban migration [PDF


Harris, J.R., Todaro, M.P., 1970, Migration, unemployment and development: A two-sector analysis, American Economic Review 60, 126-142. [PDF]

Brueckner, J.K., Zenou, Y, 1999, Harris-Todaro models with a land market, Regional Science and Urban Economics 29, 317-339. [PDF]

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