Graduate students and Research assistants

Johan Wennström

Ph.D. Student

Research interests: The New Public Management (NPM) and public service professions, education policy.

New research

‘A Plague on Both Your Houses’: How Left and Right Undermined Moral Motivation in the Swedish School System Johan Wennström

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Wennström, Johan (2018). "'A Plague on Both Your Houses': How Left and Right Undermined Moral Motivation in the Swedish School System". Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift, forthcoming.

Wennström, Johan (2016). "A Left/Right Convergence on the New Public Management. The Unintended Power of Diverse Ideas". Critical Review, 29(3-4): 380-403. Link to IFN Working Paper No. 1087, 2015.


Wennström, Johan (2017). Market, State, and Morality: Two Studies of How Left and Right Undermined Moral Motivation in the Swedish School System. Licentiate thesis. Faculty of Arts and Sciences Thesis No. 122. Linköping: Linköpings universitet. Link.

Wennström, Johan (2014). Teachers Without Freedom: When Left and Right Kidnapped the Teaching Profession [Lärare utan frihet: när vänstern och högern kidnappade lärarprofessionen]. Stockholm: Samhällsförlaget.

Wennström, Johan (2012). The Felicity of Virtue [Dygdens glädje]. Stockholm: Atlantis.

Johan Wennström


Ph: +46 8 665 4581; +46 700 89 5865


Johan Wennström has a Ph.Lic. in Political Science from Linköping University. He is Bachelor of Social Science (major in Political Science) from Uppsala University and has a Master in social science from Linköping University, Sweden. He was previously a leader writer for the Stockholm daily Svenska Dagbladet and a political adviser in the Swedish government. In 2012, he published his first book The Felicity of Virtue, on virtues and positive psychology. 


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